Technology is constantly evolving and changing. Here are some resources that will help you.

7 Small Business Apps to Ensure Your Entrepreneurial Freedom

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We use technology to increase our freedom. We use different small business apps and solutions to increase freedom and, at the same time to increase our productivity. Today, we can do more with less time and effort.

When I first read about virtual companies that were in the last days of the previous century. I have a project at the faculty about a virtual company, and my task was to collect different sources of scientific materials about virtual companies.

At that time, I couldn’t believe that this would be possible soon. I think that such a company was science fiction at that time.

Small Business Resources – The Convenience of Online Fax

The Convenience of Online Fax

As a technology-forward civilization, we strive to innovate old processes and integrate new ones. A portion of our effort must work to integrate new technology into our work routines. New technology will allow us to work more accurately and efficiently. Often, our lives are so busy that we don’t have the opportunity to learn about new technology. One innovation that has seemed to slip under the radar is online faxing. We can now fax via the web instead of the traditional method. Online fax is one of the latest web-based services, and it is rapidly gaining popularity in the business world.

There are numerous advantages to having an online fax. The following list will cover the most important.

Kindle Cloud Reader – Looks Great

kindle cloud reader

I think that more and more we are moving to the cloud. I don’t want to install applications on my PC and always if there is a way to use a web-based solution or other similar solution I’m in.

This means that we already use Dropbox to share our files. We already use Google Docs as something more than document processing tools.

I just give a try on the newest Kindle Cloud Reader as HTML5 apps for reading and buying books from Amazon.

My opinion is it looks great.

Now I can read books on my PC and laptop without the need to install the application. Furthermore, I can buy the books through the Safari browser on my iPad.

Something that I really like about this is that it allows you to read online or to download books if you want to be able to read them without an internet connection.

Guide on Small Business Software for Retailers

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Oftentimes, you’ve got a great idea for a product or business. We’re talking the next Snuggie, Slap Chop, or iPad. You’ve got everything lined up, and you want to sell the product the old-fashioned way – brick and mortar-style, in a traditional retail store. But you want something more than QuickBooks to manage your accounting and inventory. Something cooler than a cash register to ring up customers. Something that has more features than Microsoft Office to manage the business side of retail.

The solution: point of sale (POS) software. But, there’s a problem – many systems are expensive, difficult to implement and deploy for first-time and small business users, and offer more functionality than many consumers will ever need – or use. To make the search easier, Software Advice has put together a guide for small business retailers looking for retail software. You can check out the guide here: Point of Sale (POS) Systems for Small Business | 5 Affordable Solutions. All of the systems are easily deployable and cost less than $2000 for software.

15 Business Virtualization Tools That Will Simplify Your Operations

business virtualization

Business virtualization means that your company can become a virtual or partially virtual organization. Therefore certain operations in your business will operate without the presence of yourself or one of your employees. For example, you can attend a virtual meeting instead of an actual physical meeting as a part of your business virtualization process. Here I would like to share 15 different business virtualization tools that you can start using today.

Every day on the market comes to some new technologies that can find a place in your business. Business processes are becoming more and more complex, so you need to use as much as possible business virtualization. As you pass through the next stages of the life cycle of your business, the complexity of the work is more significant. It requires a different collaboration, outsourcing, virtual employees, and offices.

We can not stop the trends of business virtualization if we want to stay on the path to success. These are trends that facilitate the operation of the business and increase the effectiveness of your business processes.

Here, are 15 tools that can help your business to utilize global business virtualization processes and become a more virtual company.