8 Benefits of Heavy-Duty Truck Preventive Maintenance

Heavy-duty trucks undergo the severities of traveling through the harshest climatic conditions on the most challenging terrain. This situation requires that each truck in a fleet must be in optimum operating condition before every trip. The reactive method of ‘if it’s not broken, don’t fix it’ doesn’t apply to trucks as they are the backbone of every fleet. General maintenance determines the lifespan of a heavy-duty truck.

However, since your trucks and fleets operate daily, you must perform regular preventative maintenance. Preventive maintenance is regular truck maintenance that ensures proper functioning while on the road. By completing this maintenance on your trucks, you reduce the risk of downtime and keep making money, as your vehicle will be on the road.

It has a difference in cleaning systems as it involves various tasks like checking the fluid levels, tire quality, tire pressure, air filter, and proper electrical system connections. Checking these things is crucial as they lead to the following benefits.

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