Starting a Business: Should You Be Guided by Passion or Practicality?

Whenever someone considers becoming an entrepreneur, the first thing they need to consider is what they’re going to offer to their target market. Some people would gravitate towards their passion, while others would take heed of practicality and offer the people something that’s already in demand. The dilemma here lies in which approach entrepreneurs should take when deciding on a guiding principle for their business.

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3 Ways Small Business Can Become More Flexible

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Guide to Omnichannel Retailing in 2021

2020 saw an explosion in digital selling. As a pandemic swept the globe, almost every sector saw a shift to digital. It was the year that screen time replaced face time and B2B and B2C sellers realized that an omnichannel experience is now the baseline for...

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6 Ways to Keep Your Company’s Data Secure

Technology and computers are the driving force behind most businesses day to day operations and without it, it’s nearly impossible to conduct business.  There are many benefits to using computers to do business, such as instant communication methods,...