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The Devil in the Details: How Logistics Affects Sales and Retention

Lots of people like to romanticize sales professionals and the tactics they use. It’s a compelling thought to imagine salespeople as slick-operating, smooth-talking dynamos who could schmooze their way through any difficult situation. In reality, though, sales pros don’t tend to operate this way –– especially not in the B2B field. Rather, more often than not, landing a sale depends on a person’s ability to apply sound business logic to a situation. And every company needs logistics and a solid logistical plan to keep the promises their sales team makes on a regular basis.

Don’t believe us? Here are four ways your logistical strategy can affect your sales performance.

franking machine

Franking Machine: A Business Solution To Mailing Letters

The franking machine came into existence in 1884 by Norwegian, Engle Frankmussler. That being said, you sure can tell where the term FRANKING was coined from. The very first and the early machine were called the “Postage Stamp Affixing Machine”, which was invented to solve the problem of security and unreliable payment system been used by the post office over a long time

The primary purpose of a franking machine is to offer businesses and entrepreneurs a means of sending their emails in a cheaper and more efficient way by saving effort when it comes to circulating mass letters and packages. It saves a business owner the stress of sticking stamps onto individual letters and parcels and queuing at the post office with bundles of envelopes to be weighed.

combining youtube with your business

What You Need to Know about Combining YouTube with Your Business

There is no secret that businesses are growing their brands using YouTube. That means if you are not using YouTube to grow your business, you are losing customers or clients to your competitors.

Almost everybody is using the internet to get something. Students, for instance, are using online resources like My Essay Geek to get help with assignments. Customers and clients are using the internet to learn about products and services before they make buying decisions.

new opportunities betting industry

How the Digital Era Has Changed the Betting Industry

The internet and the general availability of smart devices have left a notable footprint on the world. Not only can we now do our shopping online and manage our banking accounts without even having to leave our cozy homes, but the technological advancements have also made it incredibly simple to compete against others, whether it be playing an online multiplayer game or wagering real money.

The latter option, given how user-friendly and readily available it is, has been attracting an increasing number of people who want to jump in on the action. Let’s take a look at the 3 major benefits of the digital revolution from the bettors’ perspective:

credit score - credit rating

Where Credit is Due – 5 Ways to Deal with a Bad Credit Rating

Dealing with bad credit used to be simple. You just didn’t answer the phone when creditors called. These days, however, bad credit follows you everywhere you go.

Hoping to rent a new apartment? The landlord will most likely check your credit. Looking to insure your home or vehicle? Yep, they will check your credit, too. And of course, anytime you want to buy a new house or car, the lender will most definitely confirm your history.

If you have a bad credit score, there’s no reason to continue suffering the consequences. If you start thinking about the future and follow the suggestions below, you will eventually enjoy a better credit profile than the one you have right now:


How to Avoid a Cashflow Crisis

Facing a cash crunch as an entrepreneur is a tricky thing. When the business has run into a financial wall, there are still certain expenses that must get paid, otherwise, trouble will be brewing. Certainly, office rent and equipment that’s paid for monthly are the things that immediately come to mind but keeping the lights on and the phone lines operational along with the internet facility aren’t far behind either.

Hitting a cash crunch is a dire situation for a business. Many people spring into action way too late in the day when they realize that their business is in trouble. Let’s look at what you can do to prevent the situation, and should it arise, what options do you have?