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apple pricing strategy

Apple – New Policy, New Revenue Stream

The fact is that Apple in the past 10 years has revolutionized the industry in which it is, but also the company revolutionizes other industries. The fact is that the products and services that currently they offer give the company the potential to become one of the most powerful companies in the world.

However, the fact is that decisions that sometimes they make are not consumer-oriented. However, also the fact is that every business has the right to exploit the current market position to improve their own competitive advantage.

In the last several days, Apple has again made several decisions regarding the publishing industry and their popular iTunes platform.

apple pricing strategy

What is Behind the Apple’s Pricing Strategy?

Pricing strategy is one of the most important business strategies. The wealth of your business in much will depend on that pricing strategy and customers perception about your prices.

I am Apple’s iPhone user nearly one year, and now I am close to making a decision to buy an iPad. In the same time, my future considerations are first to buy a Mac and after that to transfer my operating system on all my equipment from Windows to Mac.

I don’t know why, but I feel that I am starving for their products. It’s probably connected with their so successful product launch strategy for each of their products.