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Here are 18 My Most Used iOS Mobile Apps

Our mobile work and life become more and more critical in today’s dynamic environment in which we are working and living. Our mobile phones and tablets with their mobile apps are an inevitable part of our everyday communication, doing work, and enjoying the digital life.

After several days, I was thinking about my change in habits using different mobile apps in the last several years.

As I look at my iPhone and iPad, I have realized that there are apps that I use continuously in the last two years. But, also there are apps that I have discovered in the current year that affected the way I am using these devices.

more productive entrepreneur

Use Evernote to Boost Productivity

Evernote is a cloud-based mobile app and Web service that allows users to share and organize notes, PDFs, images and other tidbits of data. Those who use this app for work have realized just how helpful this tool can be for increased productivity.

The free version of this app, as well as the paid premium version, is available for Android, iOS and BlackBerry devices, although it is common for most business people to use BlackBerry smartphones for corporate tasks. Whether users have a T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, AT&T or blackberry device, they can take advantage of this efficient organizational tool.

Evernote is the ultimate tool to help users remember everything. Users can easily create notes for anything and sync everything. This helpful app allows users to capture and view anything from anywhere, and find files fast.

iPad POS

10 iPad POS Applications for Your Business

In July 2010, a mobile retail study conducted by Forbes and RIM found that 73 percent of retailers had a mobile initiative in place for their retail stores. As this data was conducted just after the announcement of the first iPad model, the number is undoubtedly higher today.

Now that retailers have a tablet that boasts a great user interface, reasonable price, and doubles as a consumer media device, small boutiques and chains alike have been putting a lot of time and money into researching point of sale solutions for the iPad.

kindle cloud reader

Kindle Cloud Reader – Looks Great

I think that more and more we are moving to the cloud. I don’t want to install applications on my PC and always if there is a way to use a web-based solution or other similar solution I’m in.

This means that we already use Dropbox to share our files. We already use Google Docs as something more than document processing tools.

I just give a try on the newest Kindle Cloud Reader as HTML5 apps for reading and buying books from Amazon.

My opinion is it looks great.

Now I can read books on my PC and laptop without the need to install the application. Furthermore, I can buy the books through the Safari browser on my iPad.

Something that I really like about this is that it allows you to read online or to download books if you want to be able to read them without an internet connection.