6 Steps to Show Benefits Instead of Features

6 Steps to Show Benefits Instead of Features

Features are great, but they can be a bit overwhelming. Benefits are more tangible, so they resonate better with customers. They also help you tell your story – and that’s important for building trust.

Some of the mistakes entrepreneurs make in their marketing efforts are when they focus on showing only the features of their products and services and the features of their business.

However, potential customers don’t want to know the features. They want to know about the benefits that they will gain from your business. So, you will need to show benefits instead of features.

In reality, people don’t care what you or your company do. The only thing that they care about is what you can do for them. Benefits are simply answering the question: What’s In It For Me?

Here is a list of some basic steps you must accomplish to extract the benefits from the list of features that you already have.

Build a Membership Site For Your Business

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Is your business on the Internet? Do you market your business on the Internet? Do you have customer service? Does your business help your customers after the sales? Can you create an additional revenue stream with a membership site?

Probably, each of these questions will be answered as yes.

Today, I would like to talk a little bit about membership site and their incorporation into your business model.

The Power of Virality: More Virality Needs More Benefits for Customers

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How much virality your marketing material has in itself? Do you know the power of virality for your small business?

How much is viral your business, or your products, or your services, or your gifts, or your offer…?

Virality is a feature of an object to be able to replicate itself and in such a way spreading around in desired locations.

This means that the object replicates itself and tries to find a host. Each contact of one host, that contain that viral object with another potential host makes another replication and another host. That’s virality.

In today’s business world, one of the most desirable features for entrepreneurial marketing activities is to have this feature in your marketing weapons.

What an Entrepreneur and Spiderman Have in Common?

What an Entrepreneur and Spiderman Have in Common

Spiderman is a type of superhero that has incredible power aimed at creating benefits to the community. An entrepreneur is also a powerful person that creates benefits for the community. Entrepreneurs make innovation, build and deliver value, create jobs, fulfill different needs, make something from nothing… All of this is beneficial for the community where operates an entrepreneur.

Before some period of time, I was forced by my five-year-old son to watch all of the movies about Spiderman.

Watching the movies I ask myself what these two persons has in common, or something that will be helpful for entrepreneurs?