How to Use Cause and Effect Diagram to Solve Business Problems

Problems are always part of the businesses. The task of an entrepreneur is to detect and solve them. But besides discovering and removing the problems, entrepreneurs have to pay attention to their preventive removal, so they would never again harm the business. The cause and effect diagram, or as it is called a fishbone diagram, can help you in this.

What I can see when it comes to the problem-solving process that entrepreneurs employ is the following:

  • They partially solve the problem.
  • They solve the problem without removing the reasons for its occurrence.
  • They recognize reasons that are not essential for the occurrence of the problem.
  • There is a lack of an entrepreneur to see the problem-solving process as a business improvement process.

How can you avoid such undesirable things in your business?

The answer is simple, proper analysis of the situation, identifying root causes for the occurrence, and removing them, which will provide such a case never again to be part of a process.

Among the various tools for such an analysis is a cause and effect diagram, also known as a fishbone diagram or Ishikawa diagram.

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