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How to Start Your Own Business in 30 Days

How to Start Your Own Business in 30 Days

Can you start your own business in only 30 days with a high potential for success? The business startup period for each company quickly can become a nightmare for an entrepreneur. There is a need for different activities to perform if you want your business idea to become a reality.

For example, the first thing you need to do is overcome the fear of starting your own business.

During the startup period, one crucial question is how much time you will need as an entrepreneur for your business to become a reality. Thirty days to start your own business is enough period for all critical tasks you need to perform, but this is not true for all types of businesses. Some businesses you can start in a shorter period and some over a larger period.

Here is a list of activities you need to do if you want to start your own business in 30 days. For each day, one task that you must perform.

4 Reasons Why You Haven’t Started Your Business Yet (And How to Overcome Them)

haven't started your business

If you still haven’t started your business, it is the real time to think about the possibilities that can give you your own business, developed on the basis of your biggest strengths and enabling to do what you want to do with a highest possible fulfillment.

So, what’s stopping you to start and run your own business? In my research of this phenomenon, I come to the hundreds of reasons collected in the last five years. Here, I will share four categories of reasons why you haven’t started the business that I think is one of the most important to you in order to overcome them.

Most Startup Entrepreneurs Have Wrong Decision Making Focus

decision-making focus

Generally, there are two types of decisions that all startup entrepreneurs will need to make in order to create a high-growth potential and sustainable company. Your decision-making focus is important for your business success.

Generally, there are two types of decisions that you will need to make as an entrepreneur.

First, types of decisions are strategic decisions that will have really high consequences on the future of the company, but now look unimportant for entrepreneurs. These are decisions that will shape the look and the direction where your company will take in the future.

Starting a Business With a Partner? 5 Things You Need to Know


Starting a business individually can be a risky move. This risk leads many into going to business with a partner, whether they are a friend, a family member, or a business colleague.

However, creating a business with another person can be a risk in itself. Similar to a personal relationship, a business partnership only works if the two can truly benefit by working with each other.

How To Expand Your Startup of One

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When you read about startups in popular tech publications, it always seems as though the most successful companies were founded by two people. In fact, there have been many articles written lately about the importance of finding a co-founder. (Seriously, google the term startup and growth hacking and you’ll see dozens of results.)

It makes the solo entrepreneur feel even lonelier. For some, it might instill a sense of hopelessness, especially for a rocky startup. But realize one thing:

The startups that get headlines at popular tech outlets aren’t necessarily the top startups in general. Often they are outliers, companies so good that the press cannot ignore them. But make no mistake: these companies do not represent the norm for startups. Many startups begin and end with a single person.