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Start Listening if You Want to Succeed

Why do You Need to Start Listening if You Want to Succeed?

Are you listening to your customers? Are you listening to your potential customers?

The type of small businesses that we know from the past slowly but surely disappear from the scene of today’s business world.

Some of them are transforming and start using new tools for doing business. Also, some of them simply expire because don’t want to accept the changes. Some of them will expire if they don’t start to change themselves.

You must start listening to your market.


10 Questions That You Need To Ask Yourself as an Entrepreneur

When the new year is here entrepreneurs are the busiest people in the world. They are in the planning mode where they want to answer the question: What’s next. Here are 10 questions you need to ask yourself if you want to be prepared for the next year.

There is a clear need for proper preparation for the new year. There is a clear need for comparisons of success and achievements from the previous year. However, everything is useless, unless you do not make appropriate conclusions with which in the new year you will be better in each aspect of your company.

5 Factors That Will Affect Achievement of Your Business Goals

5 Factors That Will Affect Achievement of Your Business Goals

Are you thinking that if you set higher business goals and commit to them, you will for sure achieve them? Sometimes you can succeed, but many times you will fail.

Simply, I do not believe in only high-level business goals and commitment. Commitment to achieving goals is an important factor in the success of an entrepreneur. However, I do not think that the goal will be achieved if I set a goal to sell one billion dollars as a small startup business in one year, and I commit to that goal to achieve. It is not possible.

We need to be more realistic. For example, the goal to earn 100,000 $ is more achievable than one billion in the same year.