7 Steps to Achieve Big Dreams With Incremental Processes

What do you want to achieve as an entrepreneur this year? Do you have big dreams or small dreams? Do you have big or small goals?

Recently one entrepreneur, a client of mine, has asked me one interesting question: how big do my dreams need to be? He was concerned because he had not translated these big dreams into reality when he had dreamed big. In such a way, he was already disappointed because his big dreams didn’t give him the results he expected.

This case is very interesting for all current and “would-be” entrepreneurs. Why? It is interesting because you can’t expect to achieve your big dreams quickly. For example, if your big vision is to build a billion-dollar company, and it is currently worth several hundred thousand dollars, you cannot expect your dream to become a reality next month or next year.

On the other side, if you do not dream big in starting, your achievements will be projected as small. But, as an entrepreneur, you will always want to achieve big achievements. So, now comes the question of how to make big achievements when you have small dreams.

How can you utilize your big dreams for big achievements?

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