10 Habits of Successful Entrepreneur

10 Habits of Successful Entrepreneur

A successful entrepreneur is a person who creates something from nothing. He is a person who knows how to make that something available for people who will buy it to improve their lives.

Creating is not an easy task. Creating requires many activities, good habits, and a desire to create from the person who will create.

As a successful entrepreneur, you are the creator. You create a customer’s happiness and satisfaction. You create an employee’s satisfaction and happiness. Also, you create your partner’s satisfaction and happiness. As a creator, you will need many good practices and habits to implement and use in your everyday work.

Entrepreneurs can have different roles. They are using different heats for different entrepreneurial situations. Let’s look at the ten habits of a successful entrepreneur as a person who creates something from nothing.

Asking Right Questions and Having Right Answers

right questions

As an entrepreneur, you will always have different questions that you need to answer. It is important for you to ask the right questions, on the right timing and having the right answers as quickly as possible.

There are many questions that you will need to ask, and there are many differentiations on questions. Because of that, you will need to implement a strategic and systematic approach for this in your company.

Here, I would like to share with you some possible approach that you can use.

Questions Are Important Aspect of Your Entrepreneurial Journey


Why questions are important for you as an entrepreneur? Can they help you to become a better entrepreneur? I will try to explain this in the next paragraphs.

They are something that needs answers, or in the worst cases only encourage us to find answers. Entrepreneurs are people that solve different problems for their business, their market or their industry. They will always try to find answers about competitors, about business, about customers, about the market, about products and/or services…

Because of that I always try to simplify things by asking questions and finding answers to them. I like to convert problems, processes, and programs into one or several questions that will need answers and solutions for the problems.

On the other side, they can bring me more ideas, opportunities and possible improvements in the processes and programs.

10 Ideas to Beat Your Entrepreneurial Inertia

10 Ideas to Beat Your Entrepreneurial Inertia

Entrepreneurial inertia causes entrepreneurs to become resistant to change what is opposed to what exactly an entrepreneur must be.

Are you finding yourself in a situation when you want or must take some action steps, but you didn’t take it? Are you finding yourself in a position where you want to start a business, but something pulls you back to the current status quo situation? Or, are you finding yourself in a case when you must decide, but you didn’t decide?  Are you finding yourself in a position to make your plan and never implement it in reality? Are you finding yourself to have a vision but to tell yourself “it doesn’t matter”?

All of these situations are examples of entrepreneurial inertia that can make your entrepreneurial life much harder. Here I want to share with you ten ideas that will help you beat your entrepreneurial inertia.

Reason for Failure – Why Some Entrepreneurs Succeed and Some Not?

reason for failure

There is a variety of analysis and research that show how most persons who tried themselves in entrepreneurship fail, while much smaller part succeeds. It is not easy to be an entrepreneur. The question is what is the real reason for failure?

To start a business it is enough to have an idea and passion to implement that idea into reality. However, to sustain and grow the business, there is a need for much more additional elements that an entrepreneur needs to possess.

Yes, it sounds scary, but it is not something that cannot be acquired through experience. This does not mean that if someone doesn’t have knowledge about marketing shouldn’t try to start a business. But, those persons should be aware that they will need to increase their skills after the first day when they open the door of the company.

In this post, I will present some of my thoughts related to the real reason for failure and why some succeed and some simply fail.

How to Achieve Entrepreneurial Work-Life Balance

work-life balance

All businesses will require too much work until they become independent in some way from everyday direct intervention from entrepreneurs. Because of that, work-life balance is something that many entrepreneurs struggle with.

As an entrepreneur, you already spend too much time planning, generating ideas, opportunity recognition, marketing, selling, research and development, managing, finances…