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insurance coverage

5 Insurance Coverage Changes Every Small Business Should be Aware of

In 2014 the Affordable Care Act will bring about significant changes in health benefits for those who run or work in small businesses. Here we will talk about 5 insurance coverage changes you will need to know.

In an effort to make healthcare more affordable, this new legislation will include access to new tax benefits for small businesses and new freedoms for employees. There are, however, some potential drawbacks that small business employees and owners could face if not financially responsible.

Here are 5 of the most significant insurance coverage changes everyone in a smaller business should prepare for:

How To Cut Expenses By Using Right Inbound Marketing Approach

How To Cut Expenses By Using Right Inbound Marketing Approach

When it comes time for a small business to cut expenses, it’s tempting to trim from the big costs. Unfortunately, this often means letting go of useful people and arbitrarily slashing the marketing budget. Yet people and marketing are two crucial parts of any organization. How can you combine inbound marketing with traditional to succeed in these efforts?