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measurement system

How My Measurement System Saves Me from Big Failure?

Do you find yourself implementing something and discover that the information on which you based your implementations are not correct? Do you have in place a measurement system that will tell you that something is wrong?

Sometimes we can make decisions on really outdated information, and in such a case, our efforts and our action steps, or final output from our work can be a complete failure.

business improvements calendar

Day 8: Implementation Capacity – Improve Your Business in 77 Days

Let’s continue with the eighth day in our challenge to improve your business in 77 days. Previous day was about improvement of your’s and your team’s leadership capabilities.

You have improved your creativity process, so you have the better and more business ideas ready for implementation in your business.

However, the question is can you implement all of that ideas?

business improvements calendar

Day 6: Implementation Process – Improve Your Business in 77 Days

We are on the sixth day of our challenge to improve your business in 77 days. Yesterday, we talked about improvements to your implementation plan.

Now, you have improved the creative process in your business. You have improved the communication process of your ideas, which results in the improvements of the basic ideas. You have a great community around your business, you know what the priority number one for your business is, and you have the implementation plan for the ideas that need to be implemented.

Now, it’s time to start with the implementation process.

plan business plan

Day 5: Implementation Plan – Improve Your Business in 77 Days

We are in the fifth day in our challenge to improve your business in 77 days. Previous day was about prioritizing your ideas that give you the clear picture what need to be implemented, firstly.

Until today in this challenge, we are preparing our dreaming, but now we want to make our first step with something tangible that will make us prepared for the effective implementation process.

Many good ideas are not transformed into the successful business or into the success of the existing business simply because they are not implemented. However, if you make a good implementation plan, half of the implementation will be finished.

My Best Advice About Organizational Changes

Organizational changes as something continuous and important part of entrepreneurial life was my subject of interest since 2000.

I’ve conducted several pieces of research in companies from different industries that covered more than a hundred managers from all organizational levels. It’s amazing how changes cause uncertainty and fear between them. On the other hand, there is always resistance to change that makes the whole process more difficult to implement. It is not everything as it was planned.

I want to cover several advices about organizational changes: