Improve Your Business in 77 Days Challenge

business improvements calendar

Do you want to improve your business?

Do you want to improve your business maximum in the next 77 days?

Your business improvement’s effort is one of the most important efforts that starts from the early days of your startup and never end in the future until your business is life.

Before some period of time, I write the post titled as 77 Business Improvements in 77 Days. It was a list of 77 improvements that you can make in 77 days. That’s one subject of improvement in one day.

Today, I want to start a challenge for the next 77 days to improve your business. Each day here I will publish post about improvements for that day and possible action steps that you as an entrepreneur will need to take.

Everyday after the post for that day goes live, I will update this post with the link to that day.

Do More Work With Less Efforts and Better Quality

The goal of productivity is to help us succeed in more work done with less possible investment in our efforts, but the quality of work done to be on a much higher level than usual. Doing more work with less effort and better quality needs to be your imperative.

Can we achieve that goal? Yes, we can!

This is something that I think about in the last 10-15 years. I’ve always tried to find ways to do more with a better quality of my job, but with less effort. That looks like a Perpetuum mobile. However, on the other hand, that is also imperative to increase current productivity.

Using Ideas from Employees to Improve Your Business

ideas from employees

There can be many useful ideas from employees related to business improvement. Are you an entrepreneur who wants always to find better ways to operate your own business? Are you an entrepreneur who wants always to find possibilities to improve your business?

If your answer is yes, then you are the right person for your small business.

However, when the business starts with the expansion and quick development, you cannot always have all the ideas that your business will need or require in specific levels of their expansion. You need a system that will collect and analyze all ideas that can be implemented with the purpose of your business improvements and future developments. Here will be also ideas from employees.

One of the best sources for ideas is your own employees. They are in continuous touch every day with their working places. So, you will need to use ideas from employees to improve your business.

Improve Your Business Starting With These 5 Ideas

improve your business 5 things

As an entrepreneur, probably you want to improve your business. Improvement is an everyday job for all of us, as human beings, but also as entrepreneurs. Without improvements, you can’t expect to succeed in your entrepreneurial journey.

So, you already know that you need to work on a regular basis to improve your business and now is the right time to start doing something about this.

Here I would like to share five ideas that you can use to discover possible areas ready for improvements in order to help you to improve your business, or you can simply use some of the ideas and action steps covered in 77 business improvements in 77 days.

7 Steps to Improve E-mail Marketing Campaign and Grow Your Sales

7 Steps to Improve E-mail Marketing Campaign and Skyrocket Your Sales

E-mail marketing is the basis for businesses to engage in communication with potential customers, to increase sales to increase brand recognition, to educate potential customers, to collaborate with potential customers… You need always to improve your e-mail marketing campaign.

In a previous post, we give easy eight steps for designing an effective email marketing campaign for your business.

Here, I will share some ideas about where you can start with your improvements to the email marketing campaign for your small business.

10 Questions That You Need To Ask Yourself as an Entrepreneur


When the new year is here entrepreneurs are the busiest people in the world. They are in the planning mode where they want to answer the question: What’s next. Here are 10 questions you need to ask yourself if you want to be prepared for the next year.

There is a clear need for proper preparation for the new year. There is a clear need for comparisons of success and achievements from the previous year. However, everything is useless, unless you do not make appropriate conclusions with which in the new year you will be better in each aspect of your company.