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increase productivity

time management tips - spend your time

How You Spend Your Time? Are You Really As Busy As You Think?

Your entrepreneurial job requires many investments from your side. One of these investments besides money and efforts is your own time. More time invested in your company means less time for yourself. The question is how you spend your time on your small business.

When we talk about your investments in the form of money in your company, we can say that this form of investments is in the group of the renewable investments.

You can spend more money in your company today and get more in the future. Or, if you lose the money that you have invested in the company you will find other ways to bring back the same or larger amount of that already invested. Because of that, I see entrepreneurial money investments as renewable investments.

how to use routine to increase productivity

How to Use Routine to Increase Productivity and Reduce Stress

Are you running from emergency to emergency and struggling to accomplish anything on your to-do list? When you first open your business, it can be challenging to set up a routine, but your routine can help you eliminate emergencies and work towards reaching your goals. Learn how to implement a solid routine to increase productivity.

more productive entrepreneur

Use Evernote to Boost Productivity

Evernote is a cloud-based mobile app and Web service that allows users to share and organize notes, PDFs, images and other tidbits of data. Those who use this app for work have realized just how helpful this tool can be for increased productivity.

The free version of this app, as well as the paid premium version, is available for Android, iOS and BlackBerry devices, although it is common for most business people to use BlackBerry smartphones for corporate tasks. Whether users have a T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, AT&T or blackberry device, they can take advantage of this efficient organizational tool.

Evernote is the ultimate tool to help users remember everything. Users can easily create notes for anything and sync everything. This helpful app allows users to capture and view anything from anywhere, and find files fast.

business productivity

50 Business Productivity Rules to Improve Your Whole Company

Business productivity is an element of the everyday work of each entrepreneur. It is related to your entrepreneurial work and your business team and their work activities related to your business.

Simply, productivity is something that differentiates successful from unsuccessful firms and entrepreneurs. Productive entrepreneurs can do much more important things compared with the entrepreneur that is not productive. So, it is important for you to work on improvements to your own and your business’ productivity.

Here I want to share the list of 50 rules related to this subject. You can use them to implement and improve your small business.