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online entrepreneur and International Payments

Online Privacy: Become a Trusted Business

It should come as no surprise that online privacy is a major concern for internet users. More of our lives are uploaded and distributed online, and that includes your valuable reputation and personal information like credit card numbers and addresses.

The Ponemon Institute, in honor of privacy day, released a study documenting the most trusted companies in terms of user privacy. Mozilla took the number one spot as the most trusted internet company for privacy in 2012.

business virtualization

15 Business Virtualization Tools That Will Simplify Your Operations

Business virtualization means that your company can become a virtual or partially virtual organization. Therefore certain operations in your business will operate without the presence of yourself or one of your employees. For example, you can attend a virtual meeting instead of an actual physical meeting as a part of your business virtualization process. Here I would like to share 15 different business virtualization tools that you can start using today.

Every day on the market comes to some new technologies that can find a place in your business. Business processes are becoming more and more complex, so you need to use as much as possible business virtualization. As you pass through the next stages of the life cycle of your business, the complexity of the work is more significant. It requires a different collaboration, outsourcing, virtual employees, and offices.

We can not stop the trends of business virtualization if we want to stay on the path to success. These are trends that facilitate the operation of the business and increase the effectiveness of your business processes.

Here, are 15 tools that can help your business to utilize global business virtualization processes and become a more virtual company.

business blog

How You Can Keep Fresh Your Business Blog in Vacation Time

Business blog as a marketing tool is a significant part of your overall marketing for small businesses and entrepreneurs. However, it’s time for summer vacation.

The most significant problem for small businesses about this marketing tool is the lack of human resources. Lack of human resources that will contribute to your business blog and make it live in the summertime is a real threat to this marketing tool. In many cases, the entrepreneur is the one and the only person who entirely perform these activities about blogging.

So in this post, I will try to present some ideas that you can use to organize you appropriately.

hosting provider for your business

4 Things to Look Before You Select Hosting Provider for Your Small Business

Today is impossible to see small businesses without their web presentation or e-commerce solution. Because of that, you need a place where all these elements, in the form of text, pictures, and videos, will be available to the global internet population. This place is a hosting provider. There are two types of providers: paid and free. Most of them are, of course, paid, but you can take a look at this list of top free providers.

You can have such a place through services that provide by your hosting provider. Look at the following four things you need to consider before you select a hosting provider for your small business.

internet marketing objectives

Internet Marketing Objectives For Your Business Online Presence

When it comes to marketing, internet marketing has become more and more popular among small business owners. Many businesses completely transferred their marketing activities to the internet. The power of the internet is so big that you, as an entrepreneur, cannot allow yourself to miss those opportunities.

But, there are too many marketers on the internet that also want to sell their products. Many of them are competing for the same visitors and potential customers that you want to attract. Sometimes this can be a huge problem for you.

Also, there are some entrepreneurs that simply misunderstand marketing on the internet or internet marketing. They think that internet marketing is only to have a website. But the website is only one small part of this type of marketing. What is a website?