7 Content Marketing Tools That Can Help You Succeed in Blogging for Business

If you are a small business owner, you probably already know about content marketing, or you are using content to attract new customers or to increase communication with current customers. So, you need content marketing tools in order to become more productive and effective when it comes to your content marketing tactics.

Small Business iPhone Apps to Successfully Manage Your Company

small business iphone apps

It’s odd to think, in this world of apps and business technology, that the iPhone wasn’t originally designed as a business tool. However, around 150,000 apps later, the iPhone has become an essential business accessory, allowing you to transform your mobile into an office-on-the-go. Here are some small business iPhone apps you can start using right now.

Apps have really made things easier for the small business owner, but with so many apps to choose from, it can be hard to know which ones to pick. Let’s have a look at some of the best:

10 iPad POS Applications for Your Business

iPad POS

In July 2010, a mobile retail study conducted by Forbes and RIM found that 73 percent of retailers had a mobile initiative in place for their retail stores. As this data was conducted just after the announcement of the first iPad model, the number is undoubtedly higher today.

Now that retailers have a tablet that boasts a great user interface, reasonable price, and doubles as a consumer media device, small boutiques and chains alike have been putting a lot of time and money into researching point of sale solutions for the iPad.

Search Evernote Notes When Searching Google

Evernote is a tool that can help you to increase your own productivity in relation to ideas, notes, storing external knowledge, or everything that is important to you, and you want to remember to use it soon.

Sometimes I put the note in my account through my computer, iPhone, or iPad to use in the future, but after that, I forget it. Sometimes I found that note if I search, something, but sometimes the note is in my account for months.

Yesterday I found one powerful new feature called Simultaneous Search that I didn’t use before even it is almost a year old. Simply, I need to activate it on my Evernote extension for Google Chrome Browser.

Apple – New Policy, New Revenue Stream

apple pricing strategy

The fact is that Apple in the past 10 years has revolutionized the industry in which it is, but also the company revolutionizes other industries. The fact is that the products and services that currently they offer give the company the potential to become one of the most powerful companies in the world.

However, the fact is that decisions that sometimes they make are not consumer-oriented. However, also the fact is that every business has the right to exploit the current market position to improve their own competitive advantage.

In the last several days, Apple has again made several decisions regarding the publishing industry and their popular iTunes platform.