3 Managerial Skills to Help You Become a Better Manager

3 Types of managerial skills you should have

Do you have all the required key managerial skills to manage your company? Can you be a good manager with all the essential management skills necessary for you and your company?

Business owners are entrepreneurs until they become managers. When they become managers, they will feel frustrated because they need to deal with new problems – managerial problems. When you start your business, in large part, you will need entrepreneurial skills. But, as your company starts growing, there is a need for more formalization.

Formalization inside your company requires more managerial skills, training, and development. Such an expansion will require different people management skills and capabilities across the company. So, this is the right time to change yourself and your company’s operations.

As a Team Leader, You Need to Support Your Team Members

team members

You are an entrepreneur, a person who creates something valuable for your customers from nothing. But, also you are a leader because you can’t create and distribute the value to the customers as an individual who is alone.

You need, and probably you already have a team who will work with you and help you to achieve your business goals.

How You Can Improve Your Team Members Skills

team members skills

As an entrepreneur, you are a team leader that will always need to work on strengthening the skill level of your business members.

Your own success as a team leader in large part will depend on the success of your team members. They will need to be skilled enough to meet the challenges of the team, but also they will need to be motivated enough to give their best in the overall team efforts.

How you can improve your team members skills?

This is an important question for each entrepreneur.

Let’s try to answer, or to give some tips that you can use in improving the skills of your employees.

Day 7: Leadership – Improve Your Business in 77 Days

business improvements calendar
We will continue with the seventh day in our challenge to improve your business in 77 days. Previous day was about implementation process and improvements in the process.

Until today, you have improved your creativity process that will give you better ideas for your business. You have started with the communication of that ideas with your community. You have worked on improvement of your community to receive the better feedback that will allow you to improve your basic ideas. You have prioritized your ideas and make a plan for implementation. You have started with the implementation process and continuous improvements through that process.

Now, if you want to have improved implementation process, you need better leadership and better team leader skills.

Sources of Organizational Change

organizational changes - drivers of organizational change

For all organizational change processes, there is a reason, force, cause, or source of the organizational change. Whether it is the pressure from the environment, or it is an internal pressure, each organizational change has its causes, and these causes are sources of organizational change.

What makes small businesses and entrepreneurs really successful? It is flexibility. Flexibility means that they quickly change themselves and their businesses. All entrepreneurs must have a system through which they can follow possible sources of organizational change and without any delaying to make all necessary adjustments in their work.

Organizational changes aren’t appearing from nothing or because of themselves. For any process of performing something, there are clear reasons, and the process is the result of those reasons. If the reasons don’t exist for a specific process or action, then logically there will not be the need for that process or action. Because of the continuity of the organizational changes in the business life cycle, there will always be reasons for organizational changes. This causes (forces) are called the sources of organizational change.