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40 Must Do Marketing Advices for Your Small Business

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Marketing is a large part of everyday business activities. Sometimes it brings fantastic results, sometimes not. However, we cannot underestimate its value for each small business.

There, on the market are thousands or millions of potential customers for your company. They will become your customers only if they hear about the products and services offered by your business.

Marketing activities can help you to spread messages for your products and services or your business in general to your potential customers.

In this post, I want to share 40 marketing advices that I collect through experience and education in the last five years.

15 Questions to Create Your Marketing Plan for the Next Year

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The business that does not invest in marketing cannot expect an appropriate level of sales. Because of that, each business has different marketing activities implemented to stimulate sales among existing customers and bring fresh blood into the business through new customers. Because of that, you need a solid marketing plan if you want to succeed.

How to Implement Extraordinary Marketing Campaigns

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If your business is “normal” business, the existence probably will rely on your customers and how much you sell to them. However, selling without marketing cannot be done, or can be done but not in the way as you want. On the other side, marketing without the last steps, the real marketing campaigns that will attract customers is as something without a head.

If you already have done your homework that means you have a marketing plan, and you:

Write Better Marketing Plan With 5 Questions And One Table

Create Your Marketing Plan With 5 Questions And One Table

I found myself several times in the position of formalization of the marketing plan that I think last forever. Writing a better marketing plan from my experience is not a good document with charts and graphs, but the simple roadmap to achieve overall marketing goals.

I write more about this in Dangers When You are Planning Your Business Plan.

The good marketing plan is based on overall business objects transformed in marketing strategy, not on the titles and stories in that titles.

What is Marketing Plan and Why You Need It for Your Business

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Do you want more customers, more income, and more profitability? Then, you probably need an excellent marketing strategy. But, strategy without a plan doesn’t bring you the success that you want. So, you will need an excellent marketing plan.

Everything that you do and want to accomplish will require some type of planning activity. Sometimes you simply don’t have a written plan but you make a plan in your mind. Plans are outcomes of planning activities where you address what you need to do to achieve something you want to achieve.