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Opportunity Recognition & Idea Generation

This post provides an overview of the academic literature available in the area of entrepreneurial opportunity recognition.

Firstly, the opinions and theories of some respectable members of the academia from this field are discussed and compared. Then some contemporary issues in entrepreneurial models’ design are elaborated upon with one specific scholarly study being given as an example.

In the second part, through an interview with an entrepreneur, some personal insights from a real-life case are provided.

Finally, the post offers an outline comparing theory with the real world.

From both the literature review and the interview findings, a relationship was established, which only partially fits the academic suggestions.

entrepreneurs visionaries vs opportunists difference

Entrepreneurs Visionaries VS Opportunists

If you’re a successful entrepreneur, you’re an optimist and a visionary. But you are also an opportunist. You see opportunities where others don’t. And you work tirelessly to bring them to fruition. Visionary or opportunist, how you’re wired determines your success in entrepreneurship and beyond.

There are entrepreneurs visionaries, but also there are entrepreneurs that are opportunists. Who of them will be more successful entrepreneurs? In theory, there are too many different thinkings about is it better for entrepreneurs to be opportunists or not.

Undoubtedly, one of the entrepreneurial characteristics is finding different opportunities. But, on the other side, you need to remember that you should use these opportunities. Why would somebody seek to find an opportunity if he does not use it? More on this you can read in Entrepreneurial Success Factors.

Are you an entrepreneur, visionary, or opportunist? Which personality type will you be when you start your own business? If you’re like most people, you’ve heard the two terms used interchangeably. However, these two personalities are not the same. An entrepreneur has a vision. They are committed to a particular goal. They set out to make a success of their business. An opportunist doesn’t have a vision—they see the opportunity and jump on it.

This article will compare Entrepreneurs Visionaries with Opportunists to show you the differences and similarities between both types.