10 Business Plan Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

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Business plan mistakes can be terrible for the small business owner. Sometimes some mistake, simply can’t be avoided, but it doesn’t mean that the same specific mistake must be repeated.

But, sometimes there are mistakes that simply you don’t know you’re making. The same thing is about business plan mistakes.

Probably, your biggest entrepreneurial mistake is when you don’t recognize that you are making mistakes. In such a way simply you continue with what you have already started even you are making mistakes.

10 Questions That You Need To Ask Yourself as an Entrepreneur


When the new year is here entrepreneurs are the busiest people in the world. They are in the planning mode where they want to answer the question: What’s next. Here are 10 questions you need to ask yourself if you want to be prepared for the next year.

There is a clear need for proper preparation for the new year. There is a clear need for comparisons of success and achievements from the previous year. However, everything is useless, unless you do not make appropriate conclusions with which in the new year you will be better in each aspect of your company.

Write Better Marketing Plan With 5 Questions And One Table

Create Your Marketing Plan With 5 Questions And One Table

I found myself several times in the position of formalization of the marketing plan that I think last forever. Writing a better marketing plan from my experience is not a good document with charts and graphs, but the simple roadmap to achieve overall marketing goals.

I write more about this in Dangers When You are Planning Your Business Plan.

The good marketing plan is based on overall business objects transformed in marketing strategy, not on the titles and stories in that titles.

The Most Important Business Plan Elements in the Planning Process

business plan elements in planning process

In the previous post, I write about seven different meanings of a business plan. It is more about why the business plan is helpful for entrepreneurs. In the future, I plan series of posts about business planning that will have more details about preparing and writing as a part of your planning process. Now we will start with most crucial business plan elements.

In this post, I want to select the most critical business plan elements that will give you more proactive role as an entrepreneur or a person who plans to start a new company.

7 Business Plan Different Meanings

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The business plan is one of the most critical business documents produced from the brain and pen of an entrepreneur. But, when we see them as a document the real worth from an entrepreneurial perspective is dramatically reduced. It is better to look at it as a business planning process.

Before several weeks, I  worked on a business plan for a new startup venture that I plan to start this summer. Working on that document lead me to walk in every aspect of that business in the future. After finishing the process I feel more prepared to start that business, and it gives me high self-confidence for the future.

How You Can Increase Business Potential Energy With a Better Business Plan

business potential energy & business plan

In the methodology for continuous improvement with business potential energy, a business plan is one of the crucial elements. It can help entrepreneurs to convert business potential energy in their ideas into kinetic energy that means performing work, or increasing performances.

This is an introductory text that will cover some of the vital points about the importance of business plans for every company.