Procrastination and Entrepreneurs

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Entrepreneurs are individuals with many ideas, concept, projects, tasks… If they dallying the implementation they can’t expect success for themselves and their business generally. The procrastination is one of the biggest entrepreneurial enemies.

Some of the activities, tasks, and projects are important, but some of them are not so much important. Many of them are extremely interesting, but some of them are really boring.

30 Quotes Related to Procrastination

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Procrastination is a danger for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

It pushed you back, stops your progress, backed you in the past, and maintains the status quo situation in your business. Procrastination may be comfortable today, but very dangerous tomorrow.

You can’t expect innovations and improvements with procrastination in your business. You can’t expect to beat your competition if you are a procrastinator. You can’t expect trust from your customers if you procrastinate shipping your value to them.

In the previous post, we talk about three types of causes of procrastination that need to be eliminated if you want to overcome procrastination. Here, I want to show the collections of quotes about procrastination.

How You Can Overcome Procrastination By Eliminating the Reasons

How You Can Overcome Procrastination By Eliminating the Reasons

Are you a procrastinator? Is procrastination something that brings you trouble for your small business? What you think about it, but be realistic in the answer to the question.

As human beings, all of us have some type of procrastinating element in ourselves. However, when we talk about you as an entrepreneur, or when we talk about businesses and especially small businesses, the procrastination is something that can kill your business.

In Wikipedia, it is defined as:

Small Business Advice: Eliminate All Your Obstacles to Business Success

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Do you want to eliminate all your obstacles to business success? If yes, this post is for you as a part of a weekly small business advice for entrepreneurs.

Do you think that you don’t have any obstacles through your success and your business success? If you have experienced obstacles probably you already know how they can stop you in your desires to achieve so wanted business success.

As an entrepreneur, especially as the startup entrepreneur, you will always start with some hidden different obstacles that will pull you back. You are pulled back because of some obstacles to business success that I will explain below.