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products and services customers love

5 Steps to Build Products and Services That Your Customers Will Love?

Everything that your business is doing or making has a purpose. The purpose is for customers to want to buy the products and services that your business delivers to them.

They will buy them if they like them. They will buy your products and services if they need them.

Your buyers are the heart of your business. They are persons that dictate what you need to do, what you need to change, or what you need to improve.

Business Startup Mind-map

Your Business Startup Mind-map

When it comes to business startups, one of the biggest mistakes is when the entrepreneurial focus is only on the products or services that need to be developed. To escape this, here I will share one business startup mind-map in order to focus on the right things.

Before several days, one of my clients comes to me with their prepared product and wants to help them to build a strategy to go on the market. However, they already have built a product, probably months and maybe years of their efforts was integrated into the product before they really know what the future customers will want.

products with trust

Can We Learn Something About Product Development?

I like the concept of the minimum viable products that enable entrepreneurs to bring the product on the market and continuously improve and develop according to the customer’s desires. As you can see we talk about products developed for customers, not the entrepreneurial desires or the initial business idea.

Each business idea is the dream of an entrepreneur. Ideas are based on hypotheses that are not yet tested or proved that will work. In the past one of the basic tools for entrepreneurs to try testing the hypothesis was making a business plan where they put the results of market research and based on them, they make an assessment about the demand. But, today it is a time-consuming job that again will not give us 100% accuracy that everything that we put in the business plan will be the same in the implementation process.

On the other side, we need data about the acceptability and feature needs as soon as possible if we want to have the products that will satisfy the market. Can we start building something from nothing and put on the marketplace with the minimum required features to find approved information for our future directions in the development cycle?

What are You Selling to Your Customers

What are You Selling to Your Customers?

What are you selling to your customers? Your answer, as the answers of many entrepreneurs, will be your products and services.

Some of you will answer that you are selling the solution to the problems for the target market. It’s the correct answer.

Some of you will answer that you are selling satisfied needs for your customers. That’s also the correct answer.

However, what I see as a possibly dangerous situation for entrepreneurs is that all of these answers have a very tiny view of the real situation in the target market.

marketing before startup

Marketing Before You Start With Your Your Startup

Marketing is something that must exist even before you open the doors of your business. It is not strange for entrepreneurs to start with marketing before startup stage of their business. Before their products or services finish with the development stage.

If you want to have a successful business launch or successful product launch it is crucial to have an appropriate approach to marketing function, even if there are no business or products and services are not yet developed.

Here I want to emphasize five most essential elements of marketing function that you need to implement before you start your business.

using google to improve offer

How You Can Use Google to Improve Your Offer for Your Customers?

Marketing is something that will help your small business to connect customers with your own business processes. That’s mean producing products and services that people will want and will buy from you. So, you need to always work on improving your offer to your customers.

On the other hand, technology development and the internet now can help marketers to make better analysis and decision.