Productivity System: Wish, Will, Do and Start Doing

One important thing coming from my own experience is that you can’t find a specially designed productivity system for you. You can only find the processes that you will need to rearrange if you want to be applicable to yourself.

Today I want to talk about the roots of each productivity system: wishes. They are the starting point of our future, all our next action steps, and all our problems. We create our vision based on our wishes.

So, do you have wishes? How many wishes you have? What is your experience with your wishes you have it until today? Do you achieve your wishes? I would like to help you in achieving your wishes with this post and productivity system designed for this purpose.

I think that we can’t find a person without wishes. Wishes are our biggest driving force. But, only when we make something about them.

If we really want something we can get that something only if we take some type of actions in order to get that something.

Everything starts with our wish list. When we read something interesting we can identify ourselves with that and translate that into our wishes. Can we do that? Can we receive benefits from that? What we will benefit? How we can benefit?

There are many questions related to an information, and our wishes derived from that information.

Let’s look at the process of I named as wish, will, do and start doing.

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