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10 Steps Sales Process for Success in Each Sale Attempt

10 Steps Sales Process for Success in Each Sale Attempt

Do you try to sell something, and you don’t successfully convince the potential customer to make a buying decision? How much is the success rate of your sales process?

Let’s say you have 100 attempts to sell something to your customers, and only 15 of them make a buying decision. In that case, the success rate of your sales process is 15%.

Trying to close the sales and closing sales are different things due to your sales process.

Also, the number of closed sales and the number of repeated sales are different things as a result of your sales process.

There is no such thing as an easy sale. The trick is to use the proper sales process to bring in more sales and retain more customers.

Remember that sales are not a one-shot deal. If you want to achieve consistent sales results, you must be prepared to take on more than just one sales step at a time. Here is a proven sales process for getting you to consistently close more sales.

sales goals success

5 Steps to Setup Sales Goals for Your Salespersons

Having clear sales goals is important for your small business and your success as an entrepreneur.

Why? If you have sales goals you will organize your business resources to achieve them. Setting up sales goals will force you to think about your cash flow, your income, and profitability.

These are important things when you manage your company. The success of the company will depend on these elements.

On the other side, when your sales team will know what is expected from them and what they need to do to achieve the goals, they will put their efforts to succeed. Tell me what I must to do, and I will do it. The same is for sales goals. If I hire a salesperson for my business one of the first things that I must tell him is what I will expect from him.

Do you have sales goals? How you measure the performance of your salespersons?

Here are five simple steps that will lead you through defining the sales goals and setting up tangible and measurable measures of the performance of your sales team.


Here is How to Use Your Knowledge as a Prop During Sales Process

Knowledge is the second layer of an entrepreneurial success. However, also it is something that must be everywhere in your business. It also can be used as a prop during sales that will boost your business income. It is composed of two major elements: education and experience, but it needs the passion and persistence to build it and use it for the business purpose.

Here are 8 ideas to use your and your sales teams knowledge as a prop during sales.

sales process

What You Can Learn From Amazon About Your Sales Process?

The sales process is the art and science at the same time. Science for the application of scientific methods and techniques in a sales process in which there is the domination of psychology. Art because of entrepreneurial creativity, which makes successful businesses differentiate themselves from the average one.

Amazon is one of the biggest sellers on the web. Although the primary operating function of this company is on the Internet, it doesn’t mean that the principles, creativity, methods, and techniques you cannot implement in offline businesses.

sales funnel template

2 Things You Need to Improve Constantly In Your Sales Funnel

The selling is something that gives a life to your business because with the enough sales you constantly bring a fresh cash flow in your company. With cash, you can continue developing your business to the next level. Your sales numbers will depend on the efficiency of your sales funnel.

In the sales funnel the sale is the final step when your customers decide to buy something from your business. All of the activities that you take before the customer’s decision to pay you, is simply called your sales funnel.