What Will Lead You to the Success?

biggest enemy to success
Owning your own business and playing the entrepreneurial game is not an easy task for you. If entrepreneurship is something so much easy to be implemented there will not be employees. Everyone will be an entrepreneur.

But, different people have different forces that lead them to the success. Some people want to do what they really want to do, regardless the income that they will receive, and someone will like to keep maintaining their business up to the ten people maximum.

Let’s look at some questions that will be useful if you want to find your own driving forces that will lead you to the success.

Website Checklist for Local Business Success

website checklist

Thanks to the Internet, small businesses have a powerful marketing channel to reach local customers. As entrepreneurs turn their business ideas into brick-and-mortar realities, a well-designed, locally-optimized website is crucial to a successful business venture.

Michael Koploy, ERP Analyst at Software Advice-a website that provides free reviews of point of sale systems for small businesses – recently created a guide for small business owners to ensure that their websites are suited for local searchers. According to Koploy, there are 8 steps to ensuring that a small business owner has a locally-optimized website:

Optimal Level of Resistance to Change

optimal level of resistance to change

When it comes to organizational change and implementation of the organizational change process, we can’t talk without resistance to change.

In my research, I was found that there are 28 different factors that cause resistance to change. We need to escape or solve some of them before starting with the process. However, there are some of the factors that we need because, with them, we can improve our process.

What is Your Mission Statement?

mission statement
The mission statement for small businesses is important part in reaching the road to really big entrepreneurial success. However, there are many problems that many entrepreneurs simply ignore or they doesn’t see them.

It seems so simple, but small businesses are so much dependent on this short but important sentence called mission statement.

I do not believe that we can find a company without a formal or non-formal mission statement. At least most of them have a special web page on their website that stated this sentence more as a marketing weapon to attract potential customers.

But, the problem isn’t about having a mission statement on the web site. The problem is more substantial and in large part is based on the following truths:

  • Many mission statements don’t reflect the reality of the business and
  • Importance of the mission statement is underestimated from entrepreneurs.

So, why we need such a statement.

What is the Success for You?


Your achievement as an entrepreneur will depend on how you define your success. Different entrepreneurs see it in different ways.

But, your success is your vision. It is where you want to go with your business after some time in the future. It defines the entrepreneurial path that you need to walk.

So, what is the success for you? How do you look at your success? When do you know that you have achieved success?

Probably, you have a clear vision about your entrepreneurial path, but can you tell in one sentence what you mean when you talk about it.

Success is a complex thing that can be contained from different elements when it comes to entrepreneurs and small-business owners.

How to Find Entrepreneurial Road to Success and Achieve It?

How to Find Entrepreneurial Road to Success and Achieve That Success_

Entrepreneurship is something like a journey. That’s an entrepreneur’s journey. You as an entrepreneur create something from nothing. But, those creations are not easy to be successful.

That road to success is never a straight line, and more probably it will be as a curve, broken line or something that will push you to the left, then to the right, then again, to the left, again to the right… That’s a zig-zag road. On that road, you as an entrepreneur need to zigzag if you want to reach success.