How Many Times You Will Need to Check Your To-Do List Daily

I have seen many entrepreneurs who un-controlling times check their to-do list not only in their average day but in one hour of their time. That’s not good for them?

Before one week, I had a meeting with an entrepreneur talking about some possible improvements in his business processes. But, at the time of the meeting that was about an hour, I saw how he was looking three times at his smartphone. After the third time, I ask him what he is doing? Is the time his problem, and if it is, we can finish our meeting and continue with normally scheduled tasks for today. The answer was shocking to me. He is checking his to-do app on a smartphone.

Why three times when we are in a meeting and talk about business processes and improvements? Simply, the answer is the bad habit. The part of his to-do list was also the meeting that we had. Simply there is no need to check what you need to do next if you have already scheduled and worked on some of the tasks from the list. When I think much more in-depth about the causes, they can be classified as:

  • Too many jobs scheduled for today.
  • Fear that something will be missed.
  • Thinking more about what will be next instead of focusing on current things.

So, the question is, how many times will you need to check your to-do list in one working day? Here are the answers.

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