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feel overwhelmed do it all yourself

8 Steps to Escape From Doing It All Yourself Syndrome

Do you find yourself overwhelmed by your everyday work only because you feel that you are doing everything alone? If this is true, then you are suffering from a doing it all yourself syndrome.

Before five years, I become a manager of a department in a larger organization in public services where I have worked then. For the first time, I have a team and responsibilities for the work that needs to be done not only from my side but also from my whole team. As I take the managerial position and make an analysis of the work and I come up to several things that will require to be done, I quickly found myself in the position in which I need to initiate bigger changes in the department especially because we have limited human and technical resources as is the case in most of the public administrations.

working hours

How Much Working Hours Do You Spend on Work? Is it 8, 10 or 12 Hours Daily?

How much working hours you spend on your business? Do you work 12 hours a day? Most small business owner works excessively. It is the same as a mother with a newborn baby. Startups for an entrepreneur are their newborn baby who constantly requires a certain kind of care.

However, we can see different experiences from different entrepreneurs! Some succeed painlessly to pass this stage of the life cycle of his business! But, some just get stuck in an endless spiral of continuously increasing working hours without noticeable results!

I will try through this post to give some suggestions to avoid such undesirable situations.


Can Workaholics Become Successful Entrepreneur and What You Can Do?

A frequently asked question is whether a successful entrepreneur is a workaholic, or not. Many experts say that if you work more, you will earn more and have a successful business. But is this true? Too many people think that if they want to be successful entrepreneurs, they should have workaholics habits. They believe that to succeed as entrepreneurs, should be workaholics.