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Here are some resources that provide some tips you can use if you manage a retail company.

Retail Applications of real-time data analytics

Retail Applications of Real-Time Replication and Analytics

Business owners and enterprises, whether large or small, have a lot to gain from real-time data replication and analytics, and retailers are no different. The benefits may not be immediately apparent, but insights gained from the real-time data analysis are truly valuable in enabling companies to maneuver quickly and adapt to changes in market forces, consumer behavior, and many other phenomena.

grow sales funnel - sales improvement

How Can You Achieve Exponential Sales Improvement in Your Retail Business

There are too many retail stores with a very short life. They start to feel problems in their first year of operation and many of them simply close their doors. The question that I hear is how retail stores can implement sales improvement.

There are many reasons why many retail businesses have a very short life. But, one reason that is most usual is the lack of customers. Without customers, you will have a bad cash flow and you cannot cover the basic operating costs of your business.