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Entrepreneurship In a Box is a place where you can find a solution for your problems and challenges as an entrepreneur. Become part of the growing family of entrepreneurs ready to change the world.

about entrepreneurshipinabox

This blog is for people interested in starting a new business, or interested in increasing performances of current business, or interested in increasing business potential energy of their business…

My name is Dragan Sutevski, an entrepreneur with a PhD in technical science, industrial engineering and management. I have spent my last 10 years in consulting startups, small and medium sized companies, researching trends and developing strategic documents for private and public sector.

Through my practical experience with my business and my previous work in public administration, I have coined the term “business potential energy“. This is the energy that all businesses already have. If you succeed to increase that energy, you as an entrepreneur will start getting exponentially higher business performance. With such a performance, you will get better business profitability.

If you read Entrepreneurship in a box, you will experience the following benefits:

  • You will learn how to start a business with much higher business potential energy from the starting point;
  • You will find regularly updated content about entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs;
  • You will find different templates that will assist you in increasing your business potential energy;
  • You will find different tools for increasing business potential energy…

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Working with the client brainstorming ideas for the new product development

Dragan Stefan

With my biggest help, my son.