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5 Tips to Help You to Give Your Home Office a Greener Outlook

greener outlook

Hollywood A-lister Brad Pitt once said it best that by working with the natural systems, we can create buildings and spaces that mutually coexist. Having a home office that fits this lofty idea of a greener outlook is the definition of going green.

Transform your space into a functional and healthy environment, while avoiding the dreaded sick building syndrome. It will benefit the world in and around your home, thereby allowing your commercially convenient office to mutually coexist with nature.

4 Off-Beat Ideas for Making a Small Office Comfortable for Employees

small office space

Work in an office long enough and you’ll surely have a laundry list of aspects you’d love to change. Perhaps one day you’ll have a small office for a company you run. Then you can make it the way you envision.

Not long ago my partners and I got that exact opportunity. For the first time we put our names on the lease for office space, so we called the shots. The first thing we did was articulate the aspects of office life we hated. From that came a list of off-beat ideas that we thought would make employees happier.

While there are too many to list in a single post, here are four of my favorite ideas we’ve implemented in the office — ones that employees have most enjoyed.

Why Managing Your Time Matters More Now than Ever

time management tips - spend your time

Time management has been a key focus area for human resources professionals, managers, employees, and just ordinary folk for years. It’s part of a better way to allocate your available hours in a day to maximize productivity and generate increases in your life and work.

Managing one’s time helps people figure out where they spend the majority of their time, what tasks they can accomplish in that time, and the ability to see the time it takes to complete work. Time management, above all, is that balanced area where work, effort, and time all come into play.

You read about successful leaders: they often say that their most productive time is in the morning. They rise early, exercise (in part to stay in shape, in part to kick in the endorphins that fuel your brainpower), and complete a number of tasks and planning by the time many others are just rising from slumber.

Why You Should Partner with Your Rivals

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Recently the CEO of a very well known consumer brand nearly scared the wits out of me. His company is quite respected in the sustainability community both for its progressive social equity policies and for green technology that limits the environmental impacts of his company’s manufacturing activities. So I asked: Do you foresee a time when you’d willingly provide access to your leading green technology to your competitors? His blunt response: No.

What scared me was not the answer itself; it’s indicative of conventional logic. If you have a competitive advantage, you generally don’t share it with rivals. Rather it was the forcefulness with which the answer came forth. While the answer was simply ‘no’, the manner it was delivered said ‘There is no way my answer will ever change.’

That’s unfortunate for this company’s shareholders. This company is investing in biofuel facilities that turn the waste culled from the materials it consumes into useable (and thus ‘free’) material that it then feeds to its bio-fuel facility via its green manufacturing technology.