You Become a Manager in Your Small Business, What’s Next?

This is one of the most common problems that occur when people go through the upstairs in their career. Everyone wants to progress to become in a managerial position. Some will go usually take one step after another: first-level, middle level, and at the end become a top-level manager. However, sometimes it can also happen to skip a step, which I think is not desirable.

What I want to emphasize in this post is that career progress should also be made a distinction in some way in the mind of people who want to become managers. The fundamental distinction that needs to be done is:

  • Further skills required.
  • Required activities to proceed.

The distinction is to “forget” past work and to begin an entirely different thing called management.

When I say to forget, I don’t think about the complete deletion of memory, but just past knowledge about the new job will not be so necessary.

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