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This is a collection of the best productivity hacks you can find to improve your own productivity.

How to Integrate SMS Functionality in Your Team Collaboration App

How to Integrate SMS Functionality in Your Team Collaboration App

Historically speaking, SMS was the most widely used mobile communication method until the advent of smartphones and instant messaging programs. Nevertheless, companies have jumped on the texting bandwagon since it offers an easy and widespread means of engaging with clients. This has led to the widespread use of short message services (SMS) for customer service, authentication, and information dissemination.

It is becoming increasingly important to enable business users to view all chats, calls, documents, and other office tools in their Teams apps, clients, and browsers due to the meteoric rise in popularity of Microsoft Teams in the office. Alternatively, controlling communications strategy can become a tedious process, employing segregated platforms away from the day-to-day collaborative platforms.

Without further ado, let’s explore how businesses can use SMS in their operations.

4 Ways Office Design and Layout Impacts Employee Productivity

4 Ways Office Design and Layout Impacts Employee Productivity

A working space’s design and layout are two of the many factors that affect employee productivity. Therefore, you must be mindful of where you choose to have your business’s offices. If you’re constructing an office from scratch, research the essential amenities you must have in the office. It includes but is not limited to good chairs and desks, well-furnished washrooms, high-speed internet to facilitate communication, a kitchen, and a coffee lounge.

However, if you need a temporary office or don’t have the time to build an office, there is a solution available for you. You may consider serviced offices Brisbane or other similar providers that delivers everything you need. They also include ready staff that you can merge with your team to keep processes rolling. Regardless of where you are, you can get such an office.

So, whether you’re purchasing or leasing office space, here are some of the ways you can consider to make your design and layout impact employee productivity:

How Can You Finish All Your Daily Tasks on Your To-Do List

How Can You Finish All Your Daily Tasks on Your To-Do List?

If you have trouble sticking to your daily tasks on your to-do list, then you’re probably missing some key ingredients. If you want to get things done – and finish all of your daily tasks – you have to get organized. In this guide, we’ll teach you what you need to do to get ahead with all important things.

Yesterday, I wrote a post about To-Do lists and some forms of using them. Today, I want to talk about something very important when it comes to these lists, and it is finishing everything that you put on them.

The biggest question is how you can finish everything that you put on your to-do list. This is not a simple task, and many entrepreneurs fall into the trap of using a to-do list but never finishing all things planned to be done in the form of tasks.

Here are seven things you can do if you want to finish everything on your to-do list.

6 Ideas to Improve Warehouse Productivity

6 Ideas to Improve Warehouse Productivity

Warehouse productivity is a major issue in the logistics industry today. The problem stems from the fact that most warehouses are organized by product type, not by SKU. This wastes time and energy because employees must search through the inventory to find products, making them less productive.

Here are some strategies you can do to improve productivity in your facility:

6 Tips on How to Effectively Manage Your Email Processing Task

6 Tips on How to Effectively Manage Your Email Processing Task

As an entrepreneur, you must manage your email processing task effectively.

You probably already struggle to manage your email accounts effectively and process your incoming and outgoing messages through your email client.

I already know I spent a lot of time reading, sending, and processing emails. But, I never thought about how much time it is as a percentage of my overall working time. Yes, every day, I work on email processing tasks. Sometimes once, but sometimes several times in a day. Whenever I look at how I process my email, I always find some possibility for improvements.

One day, I decided to analyze my daily habits regarding email processing tasks. After one week, I collected the data related to the time I spent on email processing, and the results were disappointing. I spent more than 20% of my total working time on my email processing task.

7 Habits That Destroy Employee Productivity in Your Business

7 Habits That Destroy Employee Productivity in Your Business

The number one thing that makes or breaks a business is employee productivity. In fact, the most significant predictor of whether or not a company will succeed is whether its employees are performing well and being satisfied with their work.

When running a business, employee productivity is key. It’s simply not economically viable to have unproductive employees working for you, as they take resources to employ. Being unproductive means needing more of them, which therefore takes up more resources, etc.

If you’ve ever wondered why some businesses succeed and others fail, you’ll be pleased to learn that productivity is often the critical factor that separates the two. One of the main reasons why productivity can be so hard to maintain is due to how quickly employee morale can go up and down. So how can you ensure that you have a happy, productive team?

Over the years, many solutions for low worker productivity have been implemented to varying degrees of success, but as society changes, so too do the challenges of keeping an employee focussed at work; where they once needed a better typewriter, they now need a dual monitor mount for their computer.

With this in mind, we have compiled a list of 7 habits that destroy employee productivity that will help make your workplace more efficient.