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5 Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

5 Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Despite some misconceptions, email marketing is alive and well. Email is actually the third most powerful referral and source of information for a B2B audience. This is behind industry-specific leader recommendations and colleague recommendations, so an email is clearly a tool that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Are you using email marketing for your own business? If so, are your campaigns successful? It’s easy to make a lot of mistakes with your email marketing. Though it seems simple, getting your emails just right for your audience takes time and skill. Here are 5 email marketing mistakes to avoid.

7 Ways to Grow Your Business on the Internet

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The Internet has changed a lot in the past 20 years since its emergence. It feels like it rapidly changed in the short span of a decade. The way that people communicated on the internet 20 years ago is vastly different from the way we communicate nowadays. Businesses can launch and grow on the Internet. Many entrepreneurs have become successful thanks to the Internet. Looking for the Internet in my area is no longer a hassle for customers thanks to Wi-Fi and mobile technology.

It’s simply not enough to build an online reputation with offline marketing. While operating like this can make your products and services successful, it can’t sustain the growth that the online world provides. Creating an online strategy means increasing marketing and advertising opportunities to get more leads. Find out some of the methods you can use to grow your business.

The 5 Step SEO Strategy Guide

5 Step SEO Strategy

SEO is a great bet for many businesses. A great SEO strategy will help you grow your small business. Many of them rely on it for revenue and readership. But then, is it dependable?

Search engines change their algorithms every other day. The reason is quality. They want to keep learning and keep getting better. And in this race of achieving more, the one left behind is a search engine marketer. Eh! Really?

Well, only if you miss out on updates. And to help you not do that, here is a fresh 5 step SEO strategy to nail your game.

Up Your SEO Game With These Easy Tips

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Have you heard about SEO but wondering what it’s all about? Confused with all the terminology used? Unsure about where to start?

SEO is known as Search Engine Optimisation and simply put, it is how your website’s content is optimized so that it shows up in search results of search engines. The end goal for SEO is to improve your website visibility on the internet and search engines so that people can easily access it.

There are many aspects to it, but here we sum up some easy tips you can use to improve your website’s overall SEO. Additionally, you will get a better understanding of how it works to determine your website’s ranking on search engines.