Up Your SEO Game With These Easy Tips

Have you heard about SEO but wondering what it’s all about? Confused with all the terminology used? Unsure about where to start?

SEO is known as Search Engine Optimisation and simply put, it is how your website’s content is optimized so that it shows up in search results of search engines. The end goal for SEO is to improve your website visibility on the internet and search engines so that people can easily access it.

There are many aspects to it, but here we sum up some easy tips you can use to improve your website’s overall SEO. Additionally, you will get a better understanding of how it works to determine your website’s ranking on search engines.

User experience and engagement

SEO is an important part of web development because it takes into the consideration user experience on a website. The user is your priority. By designing web pages and content around the user’s needs you create a better experience for the person and make them engage more with your content better.

Poorly designed websites have low user engagement and don’t focus enough on the user’s needs. So, if people have trouble navigating your pages, or if Google has trouble making sense of the order of your content, you may want to improve on this aspect.

Keyword research

An SEO strategist or alternatively, free and paid online tools if you know what to look for, can help you to figure out the latest keywords you want to rank for.

Your goal is to connect searchers with your site and the correct keywords are the key to this.

Keyword optimization

After you have done the research and figured out which keywords you want your content to rank for, it is now time to write.

Factoring your keywords gently into your text will signal to web crawlers which are spider-like bots that search content on the web, that your content is related to a particular subject.

Don’t try keyword stuffing content on your website, rather write for humans than machines. The user is who you are aiming your content at so always keep this in mind.

Video marketing is a must

The video is excellent for user engagement and many people are not tapping into the potential of video yet. It’s good for SEO and with well-written content, alongside it (that means no fluff!) you will up your search rankings.

Don’t forget to make your videos search-friendly. That means updating the title and description with relevant keywords so your content is easy to find. Content that is produced well, will stand out. So why not get a professional videographer in to produce some video content for you. Creating high-quality videos take resources and time, you can consult with an experienced animated explainer video company in order to find out the best type of video which target your potential clients and also help with your SEO strategy

If that’s a little above budget then try experimenting with your phone by downloading video editing apps. Make sure to test the video’s quality online to make sure it is optimized for the web and looks good on most devices.

Quality over quantity

As we mentioned, written content on your website needs to be direct and to the point. No fluff means no padding or unnecessary detail. Write content that keeps your users in mind, and try to use bullet points and short paragraphs to make it easier to read.

Writing for the web entails a different set of criteria than writing for print. Web users tend to scan more so add your most important information on top and give additional details later on in an article or web page.

Don’t forget the images!

If you are going to include images on your website make sure you label the images with the keywords you want to be ranked for. For instance, if you want to come up high on search results for the term ‘SEO’ make sure that the word SEO is in the title of the images.

It’s also important to write accurate descriptions for images for SEO. It may be extra work but it can pay off in the long run.

Use Analytics

It’s useful to know what your website is already getting found for on the web, so use services like Google Analytics to see what are your most popular terms. With this knowledge, you can see where you need to improve or what you need to alter.

Dragan Sutevski

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