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Sales Funnel Template

sales funnel template

Making happen all your customers flow through your sales funnel is an important part of your business. It is the circulation that brings life to your company.

After a series of three posts related to this topic where you can read about the basics of sales funnel, sales funnel improvements and sales funnel metrics, I want to share a sales funnel template that you can use to plan the sales and marketing activities that will change the metrics of the funnel itself.

2 Things You Need to Improve Constantly In Your Sales Funnel

sales funnel template

The selling is something that gives a life to your business because with the enough sales you constantly bring a fresh cash flow in your company. With cash, you can continue developing your business to the next level. Your sales numbers will depend on the efficiency of your sales funnel.

In the sales funnel the sale is the final step when your customers decide to buy something from your business. All of the activities that you take before the customer’s decision to pay you, is simply called your sales funnel.

Sales Funnel: The Basics

sales funnel template

Sales will not happen all at once. You, as an entrepreneur will need to do many different things if you want to transform potential customers (possibly interested) into the customers who pay you.

Small businesses can have a huge number of potential customers. However, until they become real customers, they can’t expect to benefit from them, and actually, anyone can be a potential customer. In the retail store, the potential customer can be anyone who passes through or lives in the area of the store location. For importers and wholesalers, the potential customers can be all small businesses in the state that are targeting the same market, or come from the same industry. For online sales, the whole world’s internet users are potential customers.