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8 Questions Each Marketing Plan Needs to Answer

8 Questions Each Marketing Plan Needs to Answer

A marketing plan is one of the most useful tools in the hands of entrepreneurs. Today, you can’t expect that small business will survive without marketing activities.

But, the problem is those entrepreneurial possibilities are very big when it comes to different marketing approaches in a small business.

What we need is a high-quality marketing plan that will help us to implement different marketing tactics, achieve our marketing goals and overall business goals, and iterative improvement of our next activities.

Probably, you already have seen entrepreneurs that market their business on an occasional level. They try different tactics, different activities, and different approaches. But, there are no results, because they not have a systematic approach that will guarantee success and ensure continuous improvement in every future step.

Such a systematic approach in marketing can be ensured with a marketing plan.

Do you have a marketing plan?

Here are 8 questions that each marketing plan needs to answer:

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The Power of Virality: More Virality Needs More Benefits for Customers

How much virality your marketing material has in itself? Do you know the power of virality for your small business?

How much is viral your business, or your products, or your services, or your gifts, or your offer…?

Virality is a feature of an object to be able to replicate itself and in such a way spreading around in desired locations.

This means that the object replicates itself and tries to find a host. Each contact of one host, that contain that viral object with another potential host makes another replication and another host. That’s virality.

In today’s business world, one of the most desirable features for entrepreneurial marketing activities is to have this feature in your marketing weapons.