The Power of Virality: More Virality Needs More Benefits for Customers

How much virality your marketing material has in itself? Do you know the power of virality for your small business?

How much is viral your business, or your products, or your services, or your gifts, or your offer…?

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Virality is a feature of an object to be able to replicate itself and in such a way spreading around in desired locations.

This means that the object replicates itself and tries to find a host. Each contact of one host, that contain that viral object with another potential host makes another replication and another host. That’s virality.

In today’s business world, one of the most desirable features for entrepreneurial marketing activities is to have this feature in your marketing weapons.

We want our blog content to be shared. We want our YouTube videos to be shared. Furthermore, our TV or radio ads to be discussed between people or our flares and brochures to show from one to another… Each of these desires needs virality in itself.

Your Marketing Tactics Need to Serve as Infectious Agents

To make your marketing tactics to be viral they need to serve as an infectious agent. However, what is an infectious agent? Infectious agent, as the name tells us is something that will create that object (marketing tactics) to spread like crazy. Each contact of the person with that object will stimulate one big desire to share it with their friends and family and colleagues and their social media friends and everyone else on the internet.

Not each infectious agent will produce the same results. Some will have more power of virality, but some will have medium or nothing.

What is something that determines the power of virality?

90% of ingredients for the power of virality are benefits. More benefits for the hosts for the spreading, more virality will be in the object itself.

The Power of Virality: More Virality Needs More Benefits
More Virality Needs More Benefits

The benefits can have different forms. They can be a simple desire to share caused from the need that in the object is something new, something useful. Alternatively, it can be a more sophisticated benefit in the form of gifts or something that the spreader will receive.

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