7 Tips to Find A New Job From the Comfort Of Your Home

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Job searches can be stressful, especially if you spend all day looking through openings, sending connections, or asking for updates on a specific role. This battle is enough to get anyone down, even the most optimistic and skilled professional. Still, the more you keep at it, the greater your chances.

You can also boost your likelihood of getting a job by focusing on things you can control. While you can’t control the other applicants, you can make your application stand out even from the comfort of your home, so consider these tips to help your job search.

1. Update Your Resume

The first thing you need before you start a job search is to check your resume, which you should be able to do with your laptop or computer. If it’s been a while, it’s worth looking up tips to update your resume to match the style and hit all the keywords companies look for when browsing applicants.

You can also use this opportunity to update your work history elsewhere. If you have a LinkedIn account, rewrite the information on your resume to match the information on your profile. If you use other sites, upload your updated resume when finished to maintain consistency and ensure you’re sending the right document out.

2. Identify Your Best Match

It always helps to know what you’re best at, so identifying the best match for a new career is an excellent chance to narrow your job search and find a role that best suits you.

Taking career tests has become a useful tool for job seekers who want to explore new roles or move into a new industry. There are multiple options to consider, but it’s worth searching can I take the Strong Interest Inventory online, and see what comes up to help you find the right test for your needs.

3. Take An Online Course

Online courses are a great way to boost your skills and your employability. The good news is that you don’t need to go into the classroom anymore. You can do many courses from home. Graduating from these courses allows you to explore career paths you can take with a business degree, while free courses can help you bolster your resume and teach you some crucial skills that could apply to your new role.

4. Use Job Sites

The days of going into every store in the city and handing out resumes are a thing of the past. Now, you can find the majority of jobs online. Therefore, signing up to the many online job boards is the perfect way to apply to as many jobs as possible efficiently.

You can set up profiles, upload your resume, and include any certifications or portfolios you possess so employers can see whether you’d be a good match immediately. You should be able to apply for at least five jobs per day depending on how much time you have, which will further boost your chances of finding a job.

5. Network

Networking is an underappreciated solution for getting a job, and in many cases, it’s the best way to find a role that suits you. However, you might not know anyone locally who can help you. Instead, use the power of social media to network with people you’d like to work with. You can reach out through LinkedIn or other platforms to introduce yourself, highlight your skills, and give them something to consider if they know anyone with a vacancy.

6. Build Your Portfolio

If you want to get into a creative industry, you need proof you’re capable of doing what they need. If you want to become acontent marketer or copywriter, you must create a writing portfolio that showcases your skills. You don’t need anything officially published, but writing examples, such as blog posts or web content, is a good place to showcase what you can do. It’s also worth learning about proper content structure and SEO to add further value to your application.

7. Practice Your Interview Skills

It could have been years since your last interview so even if you’re confident in your skills and communication, it’s worth brushing up on your interview performance. One way to do this is give yourself a list of questions and record yourself answering them. You can check for any unconvincing answers and see how you come across speaking. If you notice any issues, you have something to focus on.

Job searches can be tough and even demoralizing, but there will always be that one perfect role for you as long as you keep looking. Furthermore, these tips can make your application more appealing and give you a better chance of getting that first interview where you can use your skills and experience to impress the right people.