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Dragan Sutevski

5 Tips on How to Create Innovative Products That Solve a Problem

Helpful Tips on How to Create Innovative Products That Solve a Problem

As an aspiring entrepreneur, you may have an idea or two on which to base your new business. But while the ideas floating in your head seem interesting and could provide untold benefits, there might be one key issue holding you back: none of these ideas ultimately offer solutions to ongoing problems. You need innovative products and services if you want to succeed.

With this in mind, let’s look at a couple of products that do an outstanding job of solving problems or fix holes in the market, and then delve into how you can do the same:

Are You Using the Best Method of Communication for Your Business?

Good communication is the very basis of business relationships and is tightly connected to conveying information in the most efficient manner possible. Bad communication can lead to misunderstandings, not being informed soon enough, conflicts, and other issues you’re better off avoiding. So what can you do to secure a better standard of communication in your workplace?

Why is Compliance Archiving Critical?

email archiving

For most businesses, email is a critical part of daily communication as well as workflow. Unfortunately, a good number of organizations do not understand how critical archiving emails within their systems is. Such organizations do not even have an email retention strategy in place. Furthermore, professionals in the financial and legal industries are not aware that they should archive their emails, and are unaware of what not having an archiving strategy can do to their businesses.

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

mobile friendly website

In case you haven’t noticed, the push towards a mobile-driven world has gained some serious momentum. Like it or not, the culture at large appears to be always on the go, and websites have been forced to accommodate. Even when we are at home, the convenience of a cellphone or tablet at our fingertips seems much more appealing than getting up and going over to a monitor to perform an internet search. If you’re trying to make an online footprint, you need to ensure your web page is mobile friendly.

It’ll be a worthwhile effort that could push you ahead of your competitors, but how do you get started? Fear no more; we’ve built a step-by-step guide you can follow to make sure your site is accessible on mobile platforms. Let’s get started so you can see those click-through rates soar.

6 Things To Instantly Improve Your Time Management

Ever feel like life is running at break-neck speed and you are always caught on the back foot? It’s a common problem for many people: as new technology makes us ever-more connected, we are constantly reminded of all the professional and social obligations we aren’t keeping up with. Time management become one of the most important things today.

While many of our new digital gadgets are intended to help us live more efficiently and productively, they can often have the opposite effect. Here we take a look over the 6 easy and instant ways you can improve your time management and slow down your busy life to start making better use of your time.

Two event ideas to bring you staff closer

staff events

Sometimes it can be great to do team bonding events. When you have a small or even medium-sized business your staff are your greatest resource and thus you need to get them onside, you need to keep them happy and you have to ensure that they feel as if you care about them. Therefore having a bonding night or a special trip can remind them that you think about them and are considerate of their needs.