Being an entrepreneur is not a simple job. Here are articles to help you on your journey.

Entrepreneurs Visionaries VS Opportunists

entrepreneurs visionaries vs opportunists difference

If you’re a successful entrepreneur, you’re an optimist and a visionary. But you are also an opportunist. You see opportunities where others don’t. And you work tirelessly to bring them to fruition. Visionary or opportunist, how you’re wired determines your success in entrepreneurship and beyond.

There are entrepreneurs visionaries, but also there are entrepreneurs that are opportunists. Who of them will be more successful entrepreneurs? In theory, there are too many different thinkings about is it better for entrepreneurs to be opportunists or not.

Undoubtedly, one of the entrepreneurial characteristics is finding different opportunities. But, on the other side, you need to remember that you should use these opportunities. Why would somebody seek to find an opportunity if he does not use it? More on this you can read in Entrepreneurial Success Factors.

Are you an entrepreneur, visionary, or opportunist? Which personality type will you be when you start your own business? If you’re like most people, you’ve heard the two terms used interchangeably. However, these two personalities are not the same. An entrepreneur has a vision. They are committed to a particular goal. They set out to make a success of their business. An opportunist doesn’t have a vision—they see the opportunity and jump on it.

This article will compare Entrepreneurs Visionaries with Opportunists to show you the differences and similarities between both types.

10 Tips to Make Your Business Life Much Easier

10 Tips to Make Your Business Life Much Easier

Entrepreneurs are innovators that always want to make a better future for themselves and their customers. They are dreamers, and every business starts with an entrepreneur’s dream – a business idea. When they are dreaming, they see their business life much easier in that dreams. However, dreams often become an entrepreneurial nightmare that makes entrepreneurial business life much harder.

The question that comes to mind is how we can avoid this entrepreneurial nightmare.

Here I want to share ten tips that can help you avoid your dream from becoming a nightmare.

What An Entrepreneur Can Learn from Search Engine Like Google?

google search engine

Google is the most popular search engine in the world, which starts at the end of the last decade in the last century. However, after a short time, they became number one in the industry. As a young company with an entrepreneurial spirit, Google wins the war with previous giants in the world of search engines such as Yahoo, AltaVista, Lycos, Inktomi, Excite, AOL Search, AllTheWeb, and much more. The question today is can you as an entrepreneur learn from Google and their success?

Can Workaholics Become Successful Entrepreneur and What You Can Do?


A frequently asked question is whether a successful entrepreneur is a workaholic, or not. Many experts say that if you work more, you will earn more and have a successful business. But is this true? Too many people think that if they want to be successful entrepreneurs, they should have workaholics habits. They believe that to succeed as entrepreneurs, should be workaholics.

10 Business Mistakes That You Must Escape When You Run Your Company

horrible mistakes

We make mistakes every day. Sometimes mistakes are welcomed because of learning potential that we receive from those mistakes. However, this depends on your ability to learn from mistakes. Probably you know that the best learning comes from the mistakes you have experienced.

But, also some errors can be fatal to you as an entrepreneur and your business. You must escape them.

Here is one list of some basic mistakes that can be fatal to every business.

50 Pieces of Advice on How to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

50 Pieces of Advice to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

Starting and running a successful business is a not-so-easy task for you as an entrepreneur. There are too many difficulties and obstacles you will need to pass. In my practical experience, I made too many mistakes with one of my businesses. How can you become a successful entrepreneur?

Here, I want to extract 50 different pieces of advice or suggestions that I have brainstormed from my own experience and learning. This list was made in the past several years when I wrote all items on a piece of paper.

Here are 50 pieces of advice to become a successful entrepreneur: