What An Entrepreneur Can Learn from Search Engine Like Google?

google search engine

Google is the most popular search engine in the world, which starts at the end of the last decade in the last century. However, after a short time, they became number one in the industry. As a young company with an entrepreneurial spirit, Google wins the war with previous giants in the world of search engines such as Yahoo, AltaVista, Lycos, Inktomi, Excite, AOL Search, AllTheWeb, and much more. The question today is can you as an entrepreneur learn from Google and their success?

What Makes Google So Special?

When I first bought my PC in 1998 the seller normally installed my operating system and supporting programs and set up my internet connection (in that time dial-up of course). The initial setup was Internet Explorer, and they put Yahoo as my starting page. And normally they give me a short training about what is a search engine, how can I type keywords in the search field, and click the search button that will give me a list of the websites that are closest to the searched keyword.

But, Yahoo search engine wasn’t something pleasant in that time

I remember that at that time when I search for information on the internet sometimes I need to open the 50th page of the search results to find what I want to find. Sometimes the first webpage on Yahoo’s results displays nothing important for me with the keyword that I was searching.

Another thing that makes me angry is the homepage of Yahoo, which was overfull with images and banners so my slow internet connection more slowly opened web pages. I don’t remember how, but I try the new search engine, which later changed the look and feel of the use of the Internet – Google. Since then I forget to use Yahoo as a tool of the Internet to find information.

Why I choose Google search engine in that time?

What I, and surely millions of users of the internet around the world leave Yahoo as a search engine? Let’s look at my answers.

Simple design.

Unlike other search engines, Google’s home page had only the search form, Search button, and their logo, nothing more. My slow dial-up internet connection opens much faster in comparison to other search engines. So, entrepreneurs should consider the design of their own product or service from the viewpoint of their users.

More precise results.

When I search for something, instead of going to the 50th page to find the necessary information, I could find information between the first 5 pages of results. This means that Google gives much better results. The second thing that an entrepreneur can learn from Google is the functionality of their product.

Clear results.

Results received from Google can be easily understood and read in that time. So, I can quickly know if some web page contains the information I want to find.

Continuous innovations.

Google constantly introduces new functionality to their search engine. They introduced image search, news search, blog search… All this constantly improves my experience in relation to the required information from the Internet.

Constantly improving the relevance of the results.

Google is a company that constantly learns and improves its own search engine algorithm. With this, I get more and more precise results about information that I want to receive or find on the internet.

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What are the Lessons here for Entrepreneurs?

There are many companies that evolved from nothing and become real entrepreneurial successes. Here are the most important lessons that each entrepreneur and potential entrepreneur must implement in their own business:

  • Although you’re a new player in the industry if you really want to win you will win. Everyone has a chance to try to win, but only the small part of them succeeds as entrepreneurs. Don’t give up after the first battle, but continue with a war to become something that you want to become.
  • Always think from the viewpoint of your current and potential customers. Think about design, quality, and functionality of your product or service with the eyes of your customers. Let it be simple, with high-quality and functional.
  • Find a problem that potential customers have and solve it with your product or service. The problem that Google has identified in his start-up level is the accuracy of search results and too many banners and ads that slow down the opening of the pages. All solutions for those problems are included in the design of the product and in their search algorithm.
  • Always improve. You should not spend a single day without at least once to consider how to improve your business or your product or service.

The philosophy that leads Google to be what it is now is the relevance: Give the people what they want as soon as possible.

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