Can Workaholics Become Successful Entrepreneur and What You Can Do?


A frequently asked question is whether a successful entrepreneur is a workaholic, or not. Many experts say that if you work more, you will earn more and have a successful business. But is this true? Too many people think that if they want to be successful entrepreneurs, they should have workaholics habits. They believe that to succeed as entrepreneurs, should be workaholics.

But, What’s the True?

First, until some time ago I think that to be successful you must work more and more. But, now I have been realized that we live in illusion. At the universities, we learn wrong steps. Artisans need to work more if he wants to earn more. Everything depends on him. But, with entrepreneurs, the situation will need to be much more different.

Two things are significant about this issue:

  • Your perception of starting a business?
  • The design of your future business.

Look at following questions and think about their answers:

  • Are you starting a business to work more than now? Please carefully consider this issue. In many cases, your answer will be no, because you want to earn more working less.
  • Do you leave the current job to work more and earn more? Probably the answer will be no. You want to become an entrepreneur because you want to be your own boss. To keep in your hands your destiny, your working time and what you like to work.
  • Are you starting a business not to have more time to spend with your family? If you want to be workaholic with workaholics habits, you will lose many things, but one great energizer for you is the time you spend with your family. It is priceless.
  • Is the price that you want to pay for higher financial security your own time? In the end, what you will get? More time, greater financial security. Are you improving your own and your family’s lives?

If the answer to all these questions is no, then you don’t have entrepreneurial workaholics habits, but you will have the potential of a successful entrepreneur who will live the real entrepreneurial life.


How to become an entrepreneur without workaholics habits?

As already stated it takes two elements that will help you to remove workaholics habits: the perception about the business and the design of your business.

1. Your perception about the business

Let’s look at the first element, the perception. In Wikipedia about perception, we can read following:

In philosophy, psychology, and the cognitive sciences, perception is the process of attaining awareness or understanding of sensory information. The word “perception” comes from the Latin words perceptio, percipio, and means “receiving, collecting, action of taking possession, apprehension with the mind or senses.

The question in this first element is about what is our personal awareness or understanding of our future business. First to be a successful entrepreneur you need to know exactly what you want from your business or to be aware of your life in your new business.

Don’t lie that you don’t want money, you don’t want luxury holidays, you don’t want expensive cars… If you say you want a stable work, then it is better to work for someone else and don’t start a business and entrepreneurial career.

workaholic entrepreneur

Remember the following things:

  • The business should work for you rather than you working for your business. Work as much as is needed business to operate as a successful business. A business should work for you to secure your dream life and life that you want to achieve. This is related to the first thing I explain here – your perception. Your life must become the central part of the design of your business. This is one of the biggest mistakes that the average entrepreneurs make. They don’t put their lives in the business design level of their new businesses.
  • You are the entrepreneur, the person who owns the business, not your business owns you. If you make a mistake and don’t include your desired life and your dreams into the design of your business, quickly your business will start to own you. They will own you if you don’t have a time for the life that you want to have. Let’s be realistic, do you have a life if you work 10, 12 or 20 hours per day. What does this mean for you? This means that your business owns you.

2. The design of your business

When it comes to the design of your business, you need to build the business, not the product.

The second thing that will not allow you to be a workaholic is designing your business in the right way. However, the design is necessary to include the previous item, i.e. what you want your business to do for you. You need to design your business simply as a means to fulfill your personal life goals. Only in such a way, you will design your business or business that will truly fulfill you and bring you the financial freedom that is not achieved in any different way.

Having the right business design means that everyone in your company will know when and how to do things for your business. You can achieve this when your design includes systems and processes as the essential building blocks of your company. Having systems and process, you will have standard operating procedures that will drive your business towards achieving your business and personal goals.