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10 Ideas to Beat Your Entrepreneurial Inertia

10 Ideas to Beat Your Entrepreneurial Inertia

Entrepreneurial inertia causes entrepreneurs to become resistant to change what is opposed to what exactly an entrepreneur must be.

Are you finding yourself in a situation when you want or must take some action steps, but you didn’t take it? Are you finding yourself in a position where you want to start a business, but something pulls you back to the current status quo situation? Or, are you finding yourself in a case when you must decide, but you didn’t decide?  Are you finding yourself in a position to make your plan and never implement it in reality? Are you finding yourself to have a vision but to tell yourself “it doesn’t matter”?

All of these situations are examples of entrepreneurial inertia that can make your entrepreneurial life much harder. Here I want to share with you ten ideas that will help you beat your entrepreneurial inertia.

How to Achieve Entrepreneurial Work-Life Balance

work-life balance

All businesses will require too much work until they become independent in some way from everyday direct intervention from entrepreneurs. Because of that, work-life balance is something that many entrepreneurs struggle with.

As an entrepreneur, you already spend too much time planning, generating ideas, opportunity recognition, marketing, selling, research and development, managing, finances…

Running a Small Business is Just Like Playing a Game

Running a small business is not an easy task. Too often the primary constraint for the business startup is your opinion that you do not have enough innate talent to become an entrepreneur. This opinion appears about everything else that you want to do. Perhaps this is one of the most significant limitations to starting a business and achieving your personal or professional goals.

I want to give one comparison between running a business and playing a game. Simply, there are more similarities between playing a game and running a small business. I want to describe here why I think so.