How Can You Turn the Inspiration Into Action

Do you remember your “wow” moment of inspiration when you are so excited to turn that inspiration into tangible action? What happened after this exciting moment? Do you succeed to turn your inspiration into action?

You get inspiration every day. But, how many times after you get inspired by the book, blog article, movie or meeting with inspiring persons you do something? Yes, you need the inspiration, but it is only one sparkle or idea that will need to be used in the next steps of the whole process.

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Do you remember your excitement and inspiration when you start creating your plan last year? But, as time passes, you lose that initial sparkle related to your inspiration. You start thinking about other things, other more important and urgent at a given moment.

I have found many times in such a situation. Also, I have seen many of my clients in such a situation. Because of that, I have tested many things to see how I can use the full potential of the current inspiration.

On the other side inspiration is an essential thing in your entrepreneurial journey. Without your inspiration, you will not be able to bring your business to the desired stage. So, you need to use your inspiration and share your inspiration inside your company through your business team members.

Here I will explain the different tips and tricks that can help you too.

1. Find What Inspire You

As you already know, you can be inspired by various entities in and around your life. Probably you already have people that inspire you. You can also be inspired by the books you read, movies you watch, the things you are doing, etc.

You can not implement the right strategy if you don’t know where you get the biggest and most important inspiration. For example, you can not use some of the other tips here in the same way for inspiration by the person who to meet and the book that you read. You can not take a note in the same way when this two inspiration sources inspire you. In the case of persons, you need to listen to them and then make notes, while in the case of books, you read them and take notes in the margins, and highlight passages.

So, the first thing you need to do is to learn something about you. Especially about something related to your inspiration.

2. Don’t Allow Yourself to Lose the Sparkle of Your Inspiration

As I have already mentioned, the inspiration is the same as your ideas. It is a moment, a little sparkle that can shape your day, week or month. It will also form your whole business if you do something about that. The same is with the fire. You need a sparkle to burn the fire. If you do not keep the fire, it will extinguish.

So, if you want to keep doing something about your current inspiration don’t allow yourself to lose the sparkle of your inspiration by taking notes. Simply you need to do something more about what you have listened, watched or read. This notes will become your inspirational box or folder as I want to call it. Whenever you need to become more inspired by something and turn the specific inspiration into the action, you can read your notes.

This notebook will become your inspirational journal full of the inspirational ideas, quotes, or concepts important for the future of your small business.

inspiration into action

3. Go Beyond Your Inspirational Notes to Turn Your Inspiration Into Action

Having inspirational notes is only the first step after inspiration, and it is not enough to turn your inspiration into action. For example, if you find something inspirational in the book, you highlight the quote and write a note about the inspirational quote. Sometimes, you can add some additional explanations or descriptions of the quote inside your inspirational notebook. Now, you have a book with different inspirational quotes, and you can bring the sparkle of inspiration again, and if you don’t take a real action step, you will not transform it into action.

So, after you write your notes, start with the planning stage. What is the next thing you will need to do related to this specific inspiration to do something or achieve something? When you are at this stage, don’t over-plan what you need to do. It is enough to write three to five most important steps you need to take.

4. Break Down Your Plan Into Small Manageable Steps

If the steps you write after you note your inspirational notes are significant action steps or high achievements it is much better to break them down into something more easily achievable.

For example, your inspiration is related to build an entirely new innovative product or service that will require too many efforts and time. In many cases, such an achievement will become too far from reaching at this moment so that it can become very demotivating for you. One of the biggest reasons why people don’t take the necessary steps is this reason.

Because of that, it is much better to break down this activity into many easy achievable steps that you will implement on a daily basis. In such a way, day by day you will be close to your achievement as a result of your initial inspiration.

5. Schedule Specific Time Each Day to Implement the Necessary Steps

Many times I have seen entrepreneurs overcommit themselves planning to work too many hours on a daily basis on this activities. But, remember that these are new things that will be added to your current activities. You have two options: 1) to increase your working time for several hours, or 2) to skip some of your ongoing activities.

In such a way, many entrepreneurs give up on implementing new things, because current activities are something that is already a habit for them. So, if you want to do something related to this, you need to build a strong habit of doing things you have planned to be done.

The question is what is the best solution that you can use. Just, start with the scheduling smallest possible time to the new things that will not have a negative impact on current matters. For example, start with the five minutes, or ten minutes daily. In most of the cases, this time spots will not have a negative impact on your current productivity. As you will start to achieve the results, you will start increasing your time.

Also, think about the delegation of some of the tasks. You don’t need to do everything yourself. This will be additional motivation for you.

6. Build Your Commitment Engine

One of the biggest reasons why most people fail in turning their initial inspiration into action is because they are not committed to the things they want to do.

How can you become committed to doing something?

My most straightforward answer is building your commitment engine.

I call this part a commitment engine. Why? Because I want to emphasize the importance of continuous commitment building. For different persons, various things can commit them. So, here we can not talk about the specific formula for the creation of your commitment engine. You will need to experiment and test many different things.

Here are some examples that your commitment engine can contain:

  1. Tell someone that you will do something new related to your inspiration. Putting the ideas and action steps only in your head, or on a piece of paper that just you know that will not guarantee that you will do something. But, if you tell someone about what you are going to do, and they will expect to see the results will increase your commitment.
  2. Post what you will do on your personal and business social media accounts. How much more people will know about your future intention, the large will be the likelihood that you will do something.
  3. Write a blog post about your plans. In this way, you will increase the persons who will know what you have planned to do. So, your commitment will increase.

Dragan Sutevski

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