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Here are the best marketing articles to help you market your business and become an expert marketer.

marketing presentations exhibition or training

Design Trends for Exhibition Stands in 2016

When it comes to creating exciting and engaging exhibition stands, there is a lot of competition about, so it pays to have a fresh and unique design. Each year sees shows and exhibitions with thousands of stalls, all competing for the potential client’s attention. So in this modern world, what do you do to make sure that your display stand is noticeable and stands out from the crowd?

Here are the current trends for 2016:

successful business blog and blogging

Blog Your Business Better. How to Reach More People and Get More Sales Through the Written Word

Building a business is a challenge, no matter who you are and how many people you have in your network. You always need to be expanding and enhancing your product or services, or at the very least honing and improving your business model. Your business blog can help you a lot.

Before the internet existed, the challenge of marketing your business and reaching more people was a lot tougher, but today there are so many options for getting your word out there. One of the ways to reach more people is with a blog.

A blog is a fantastic way to get your ideas and products out there in a way that actually helps your clients and customers to stay up to date with your business. Let’s have a look at these simple tips to follow that you can use when blogging, to develop a business-building powerhouse and change your reach forever.

first impression - branding

Brand Management: 5 Actionable Ways to Make a Killer First Impression

Businesses are operating in an incredibly competitive era. Direct and indirect competitors threaten to take their market share and diminish their profits.

Reputable digital marketing agencies from Melbourne recognize that the impressions that businesses leave on their customers are critical to maintaining the long-term relationship that will see them return and refer others for the purchase of your branded products and services.

Local Business Appreciation: 5 Affordable Ideas to Show Your Customers That You Care About Them

In this article, we will review 5 affordable ideas local business owners can use to surprise their customers and make them feel special.

Finding meaningful ways to create connections with local customers has become increasingly important in recent years. The growth of digital technology and the constant push for efficiency, have created a wave of impersonal customer service.

This is something local businesses who know how to connect with customers can leverage in their favor.

social media and seo

Things You Need to Know About Social Media and SEO

The field of SEO writing has evolved over the past few years and many companies and agencies have placed a great importance on SEO strategies. As a small business owner, you need to use social media and SEO to attract customers to your company. Here are some things you need to know about social media and SEO as tactics you can use.

Social media is also a major tool in business marketing in the world today and when paired with SEO strategies make up the best marketing mix strategy. Both social media and SEO are important for you.

A research recently carried out by Quicksprout (see photo below) concerning Google’s game-changing algorithm update indicated that 74% of companies depended on social signals metric for ranking. The signals will be coded in the algorithm and used to influence the search ranks.

customer contact center

3 Tips for Designing a World-Class Customer Support Center

A well-designed customer support center is one of your most powerful business tools. American businesses lose $41 million a year because of poor customer service, according to NewVoice Media.

And 53 percent of customers are so put off by the fear of never getting the chance to speak to a real person, they switch to competitors without even attempting to resolve the issue. Such sobering statistics prove the need and demand for customer support that actually makes an impact.