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4 Things to Look Before You Select Hosting Provider for Your Small Business

hosting provider for your business

Today is impossible to see small businesses without their web presentation or e-commerce solution. Because of that, you need a place where all these elements, in the form of text, pictures, and videos, will be available to the global internet population. This place is a hosting provider. There are two types of providers: paid and free. Most of them are, of course, paid, but you can take a look at this list of top free providers.

You can have such a place through services that provide by your hosting provider. Look at the following four things you need to consider before you select a hosting provider for your small business.

Write Better Marketing Plan With 5 Questions And One Table

Create Your Marketing Plan With 5 Questions And One Table

I found myself several times in the position of formalization of the marketing plan that I think last forever. Writing a better marketing plan from my experience is not a good document with charts and graphs, but the simple roadmap to achieve overall marketing goals.

I write more about this in Dangers When You are Planning Your Business Plan.

The good marketing plan is based on overall business objects transformed in marketing strategy, not on the titles and stories in that titles.

6 Market Research Methods You Can Use in Your Small Business

6 Market Research Methods You Can Use in Your Small Business

Market research is one of the most critical activities you need to take as an entrepreneur when running a business. Each market research relies on specific market research methods, which is a way of collecting information or data required for the research.

It seems that 80% of market research is a collection of valid information on the market. In comparison, 20% refers to the analysis and interpretation of already collected data. This is the 80/20 rule. Because the market is made up of customers and competition, collecting all information relating to them is necessary.

Designing a Word Press Blog – It is so Easy With Thesis!

word press thesis

The last several days I make some redesign of the Entrepreneurship in a Box. When I start this blog I intended to try something new, to see can I do some technical things that I didn’t know before. But, then, before ten months I start with the free Word Press theme, and it was my terrible days in blogging. If I want to make some changes, I must go into the code of that theme, and then everything looks awful when I make something wrong.

Attention, Reputation and Trust – Path to Business Success

attention reputation and trust agents

Attention, reputation, and trust are the most critical elements required for your tremendous success and increase your business potential energy.

These three elements are all essential, but at the same time, one of them is more or less critical. I mean that without each of these three elements, the success of the business or entrepreneur will not be as significant as if all three components are implemented and integrated.

The primary task of you as an entrepreneur is to build and implement all three elements if you want to become a superstar on the market.

15 Marketing Activities You Can Use Right Now

15 marketing activities

As a small business owner probably you already know that your marketing activities and the results you achieve through marketing are one of the most important things for your small business.

When each year becomes a part of history, it is the right time to start with the preparation of the activities for next year. Here is a list of the small business marketing advice you need to include on your to-do list if you don’t already implement them.