Top 10 No-Cost Marketing Strategies

Top 10 No-Cost Marketing Strategies

Sometimes you can make a really big difference for your business without the need to invest a large amount of money. Here I want to share the top 10 no-cost marketing strategies.

We are living in a period of big global economic recession. Customers are scared about their future. Losing jobs and lack of finances enforce them to save and avoid spending money.

Many small businesses in such times look for cutting costs for marketing as one of the solutions. But, for all businesses, marketing is one, and the only thing that can bring fresh customers.

Here are the top ten no-cost marketing strategies that you and every small business can use to succeed in a rigid financial period.

1. Don’t cut your marketing budget.

As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, marketing is something that can continually bring, fresh customers, to your business. In the period of recession, all businesses will start with cost-cutting from marketing. But, you can simply grow your marketing budget and let your competitors cut their budget. In such a way you can be close to beating them on the market. This is a very cool strategy.

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2. Don’t cut your prices and instead of that give added value to your customers.

Cutting prices is the first big mistake that many companies make in a recession period. However, this will minimize your profit and cut the value of your business at the same time. As an alternative, think to provide more value for the same cost and price for customers. People respond to the value of your business or your products and services and will buy each time when they perceive that value that outweighs the costs for them.

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3. Go through your marketing plan and marketing calendar.

These two things, your marketing plan, and calendar make you more effective in all your marketing efforts. Don’t think to change your marketing plan or marketing calendar by removing tactics that already bring results to your company. With this no-cost marketing strategy, you will continue to bring fresh customers to your business.

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4. Joint ventures as one of the marketing strategies.

This is a very cost-effective marketing strategy for small business owners. One of the most excellent and most successful approved approaches to marketing with no or low spending of money is to start joint marketing activities with someone else who already has a similar market and similar customers. Simply, perform joint marketing efforts to attract more customers for both companies.

5. Sell more to existing customers.

Having existing customers that will continuously buy your products and services is more cost-effective than finding new customers. Because of that, if you have customers who have bought from you before, they are a very good basis to do more business with them. As an alternative to worrying about generating extra sales only, make clear in your mind that you can still rise your sales with the relationship that is already established.

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6. Social Networks as one of the marketing strategies.

Connect to social networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn… If you don’t use these social networks you will not stay alive in today’s marketplace. If you use a few easy tactics and social networking strategies, you can start building a strong relationship with your potential customers on those social networks. This will be one of the most cost-effective and valuable ways to promote your small business and reach fresh customers. Social media are not just for teenagers with too much free time, but also for all persons all around the world.

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7. Blogging as one of the marketing strategies.

Having a business blog is one of the most powerful marketing tactics you can use nowadays. If you are a creative blogger this is a powerful way to generate traffic to your website and your business without any investment needs, only your time. Many blog platforms are free of charge (open source) and you can set up a blog in less than a half-hour. But, if you want this marketing strategy to work you must continue to write (every day or minimum 3 times per week) adding important and attention-grabbing content for your readers.

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8. Referrals.

Referrals are the lifeblood of many businesses. Why can’t that be the best way of growing your business? Most small business owners are making a mistake if they don’t collect referrals from current customers. Your existing customers can be a good source of referrals. Individuals want to know from whom they buy and want to be sure that they are getting full value for their purchases. Asking for referrals from your current happy customers is a powerful way to bring in extra targeted customers that already have a pre-established level of trust. And all of this is inexpensive!

Getting new customers through referrals will also be a good addition to your SMS marketing campaign. With an integrated SMS Gateway API, you will be able to send bulk SMS to your new customers and get in contact with thousands of them immediately, hence widening your customer database.

9. Distribute your business cards.

Your business cards aren’t for staying in your pocket, but they must be disseminated to potential customers. The business cards are a very cost-effective marketing weapon and have the potential to bring you a number of results. You must remember to offer individuals a way to keep in contact with you. In this way, all your contacts become potential customers for your business.

10. Video Marketing.

With so many video services on the internet, this is one of the easiest and most powerful ways to explore your small business. You can create and advertise short, fascinating, compelling videos based on targeted keywords associated with your small business or opportunity, and have thousands of persons come to you looking for what you have to offer. Much like article marketing and blogging, this also can have a wonderful effect.

The best businesses in these economic conditions are the ones that use these tools most efficiently. Use these marketing strategies and you will increase your business potential energy. Extra business potential energy will increase the whole business performance of your company.