100 + Marketing Ideas to Focus on for Your Small Business

What if you have a list of 100 marketing ideas that will help you prepare and implement your small business marketing strategy? Don’t worry, I have put the most essential 100 marketing ideas you can start using today.

Your small businesses don’t have a significant amount of resources to promote your products and services. However, if you want to succeed, you need as many as possible marketing ideas. You need to be creative and flexible. Creativity and flexibility will allow you to attract a large number of potential customers. Here, I want to share 100 marketing ideas that will help you to market your small business.

100 Marketing Ideas to Focus on for Your Small Business

There are thousands and thousands of different marketing ideas and tactics available for small business owners. Something that you can implement will depend on your creativity and knowledge as an entrepreneur.

In this post, I will try to put 100 marketing ideas in one place that you can start implementing immediately. Indeed, the list is not final, and if you think that something worth is missing, feel free to submit suggestions.

The List of 100 Marketing Ideas for Small Business

1. Develop an effective marketing plan.

2. If you have a marketing plan, update it.

3. Think or rethink your target market.

4. Answer what your target market wants from you.

5. Answer how you can satisfy the customer’s needs in your target market.

6. Conduct market research.

7. Find opportunities that can and must be improved.

8. Analyze your offer and improve it.

9. Extend your offer with additional value for your customers.

10. Track changes and improve wherever you find an opportunity and need for improvement.

11. Start developing business cards, or if you already have, improve the design of your business cards.

12. Make business cards for all your employees and encourage them to share with potential customers.

13. Create or update your brochures.

14. Make your brochures to be available for download from your website.

15. Fully redesign all your communications like letters, emails, invoices, and receipts to communicate information about your business’s offer value.

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16. Launch the campaign with personalized direct mail and test the content and its effectiveness.

17. Try a different call to action in direct mails.

18. Use print text ads to build your business presence.

19. Ensure that your business is present in different online directories.

20. Make a list of current and potential customers.

21. Make a phone call to your existing customers.

22. Make a phone call to reliable potential customers.

23. Make and use a marketing calendar for all your marketing tactics that you use or plan to use in the future.

24. Design initiatives and encourage your satisfied customers to share their experience with your company.

25. Analyze and redesign all of your calls to action in all your marketing tactics.

26. Test different calls to action.

27. Analyze and improve the credibility of all members of your small business and your whole business.

28. Advertise on TV.

29. Advertise on the radio.

30. Advertise in newspapers.

31. If there are some bulletin boards where your customers are present, do some advertising materials and attach them.

32. Attend all fairs in your industry and present your products and services.

33. Attend the fairs to build new connections.

34. Find potential businesses with which you could make a joint marketing venture.

35. Try with free samples or free tests.

36. Create monthly, quarterly or annual newsletter.

37. Make sure that all of your marketing weapons are understandable to your potential customers.

38. Organize entertainment events for different occasions like an anniversary, big deal, movement, etc.

39. Advertise on billboards.

40. Be sure that the messages in your marketing weapons include a sense of urgency.

41. Increase knowledge about your customers.

42. Improve your superior value.

43. Build a powerful recommendation and referral system.

44. Post your business on the most popular classified ad services online.

45. Find a popular forum in your industry and start with a helpful conversation for the community there.

46. If you don’t have a website, make one. If you have, redesign it if you don’t make a change for more than a year.

47. Analyze your website regarding the most popular pages.

48. Design a business blog and start blogging.

49. Blog regularly.

50. Make a lead generation form and attach it to your website and blog.

51. Regularly send emails to your email list.

52. Improve your email signature.

53. Add sharing functionality in the emails that you send to your list.

54. Use RSS on the website and blog.

55. Carefully choose primary and secondary keywords for your business.

56. Optimize your website and all blog posts.

57. Buy some advertising space on websites in your niche.

58. Create a webinar about how to use your products and services.

59. Make a series of podcasts about how to use your products and services.

60. Select and use professional auto-responder as software for your email marketing campaigns.

61. Include videos in your email marketing campaigns.

62. Comment on other blogs if there are your potential customers.

63. Brainstorm daily potential content for social media (Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+…)

64. Start advertising with Google Adwords campaign.

65. Advertise on Facebook.

66. Advertise on LinkedIn.

67. Make a Facebook page for your business.

68. Invite your personal friends and your current customers to like your Facebook page.

69. Update daily your Facebook page with interesting content.

70. Change the default URL for your Facebook page.

71. Create a Twitter profile.

72. Answer questions and retweet other people’s tweets.

73. Tweet about your opinions, useful blog posts, links, images, videos…

74. Create or update your LinkedIn profile.

75. Search and connect through LinkedIn.

76. Set up a location for your business on social media profiles.

77. Setup Google Place for your business.

78. Start building a presence on social bookmarking sites.

79. Bookmark one of your content and 10-20 other people’s content.

80. Use group buying services.

81. Create a video presentation and put it on YouTube.

82. Embed that video in your new blog post.

83. Analyze the most popular online directories and put your business there.

84. Follow your online reputation.

85. Create contests.

86. Create discount coupons.

87. Implement a reward program for the biggest customers.

88. Implement the program to reward the most frequent purchases from customers.

89. Give holiday gifts to the most important customers.

90. Plan promotion for the next holiday.

91. Send birthday greetings to your customers.

92. Donate to a local event.

93. Become a sponsor of the local sports event.

94. Apply for the conferences in your or other related industries.

95. Communicate with other visitors to the conference.

96. Exchange business cards with those visitors only if there is potential to become your customer.

97. Prepare and send the survey to analyze your customer’s satisfaction.

98. Analyze the answers and improve everything that needs to be improved.

99. Notify all those who participated in the survey and who gave you ideas for improvement that their recommendations are implemented.

100. Organize a party in a popular nightclub to give for free your products and services.

101. Hire a marketing consultant if you feel that you need help.

That’s it! Now you have more than 100 marketing ideas you can start using today and build a business with exponential growth.

For your small businesses, you can also create work-from-home business opportunities to expand your business.

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